Enroll Now in Introduction to Perspective & Environments with Phil Sevy!

Our Introduction to Perspective & Environments course, taught by comics industry veteran Phil Sevy, is now open for enrollment! There’s no prerequisite to take this class, but you will need it if you want to enroll in future offerings of Advanced Figure Drawing & Construction.

For five consecutive Wednesdays beginning on March 28, 2018, students will learn about the crucial skills needed to craft effective backgrounds and settings for your comic book worlds. As with all Comics Experience courses, we try to keep our class size limited to ensure you receive the most detailed and personal critiques possible.

“One of my favorite aspects of storytelling that is often overlooked or not considered is that environments and backgrounds are characters and tools to tell your story. They’re not time consuming or difficult – they can be really fun and immersive,” Phil says.

“The biggest challenge in designing interesting and engaging backgrounds is just the technical aspects of perspective, but once you get that down – it becomes a lot more fun. That’s what we’re going to do in this class – approach the technical aspects of perspective and design, then really start to have fun populating your stories with immersive, character-driven environments.”

To read more about Perspectives & Environments and sign up to ensure your spot, click here.


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Posted by Meredith Nudo