Comics Experience Founder Andy Schmidt’s Achilles, Inc. is Coming to Source Point Press!

Andy Schmidt, founder and CEO of Comics Experience, will be returning to the writing desk with Achilles, Inc., as part of the soon-to-be-launched publication deal with Source Point Press! He is joined by Daniel Maine on pencils, Francesca Zambon on colors, and Comics Experience Design and Production Manager Marco Della Verde on letters.

The story takes place in a time when a segment of humanity spontaneously develops superpowers… but they don’t do any of the familiar crimefighting we’re used to seeing in the genre. Instead, they decide to use their newfound abilities to exploit humanity until the economy winds up in shambles. An ex-cop teams up with those left behind to find their oppressors’ weaknesses and take them down.

To celebrate the release and the Source Point Press partnership, we’re showing you the artwork from the first five pages of Achilles, Inc.!





















You can pick up Achilles, Inc. and the other Source Point Press/Comics Experience beginning with the launch at C2E2 April 6-8!


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Posted by Meredith Nudo