Phillip Sevy’s Introduction to Figure Drawing & Anatomy Starts May 16!

On May 16, Comics Experience instructor Phillip Sevy will be teaching the Introduction to Figure Drawing and Anatomy course! Aspiring comic book artists will not want to miss this chance to learn how to craft dynamic characters to keep readers turning the page.

“They way we connect to the stories we tell is through the characters we read about. Whether your style is realistic or cartoony, a solid foundation and understanding of anatomy is required to make characters that allow our readers to identify with and see themselves in,” Phil says.

The course covers the basic forms of the human body, with lessons breaking parts down into their most simplistic forms and detailing how all the bones, muscles, tendons, and other bits work together and make locomotion happen.

Phil says, “The basic art books teach some simple methods for creating a figure that work for beginners – but they create bad habits for those wanting to professional. We’re going to look at these issues and teach better ways to go about building and drawing your figure.”

You can sign up for Introduction to Figure Drawing & Anatomy here!


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Posted by Meredith Nudo