Introduction to Digital Painting with Scott Johnson Starts July 12!

Scott Johnson Rifts Digital Painting

A new session of our popular Digital Art 101: Introduction to Digital Painting with Scott Johnson begins Thursday, July 12! Our classes tend to fill up relatively quickly, so make sure to sign up here to ensure your spot!

The class will run for six weeks and cover the basics of art and technique, Photoshop, and more. Scott will provide personalized advice based on your homework assignments, as well as weekly demos on the topics, tips, and tricks of the week.

“There’s an old saying: ‘Drawing is painting and painting is drawing.’ This class is really about rendering objects. It’s about learning to make things look three-dimensional through the use of dynamic light and shadow. All comic book artists – whether their focus is penciling, inking, or coloring – need to understand basic rendering if they want to be good at their job,” Scott says.

“For instance, sometimes the penciler/inker does much of the rendering by establishing shadows and spotting blacks. Other penciler/inkers work in a more open line style, leaving the extra work of rendering to the colorist. Each person on the art team needs to have these essential comic book art skills.”

Participants will also learn about some of the most common mistakes comic book and cover artists make when digital painting, to help them make their portfolio stand out.

“Inconsistent lighting, conflicting light sources, a lack of understanding core shadows and secondary lighting, etc. If the penciler/inker has no rhyme or reason to his shadow placement, how the heck is the colorist supposed to render the scene?” says Scott.

“Or if the inker does a good job at indicating these things, but the colorist doesn’t follow the lead, the final art can look like a mess.”

Scott also produced an informative video on what you can expect from his course!

You can sign up for Introduction to Digital Painting here.


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