Owen Welsh’s Introduction to Character Design Starts Monday!

This guest post is brought to you by Owen Welsh himself, who let us reprint his own writing with permission.

I’m teaching an introductory class to character design here at Comics Experience next month. I’m very excited about the material I’m going to be presenting and sharing. Students will be exposed to character design principles and I’ll be spending a great deal of time helping them develop their own original character. You will walk out the class with some great model sheets and the confidence to design your own characters on your own after the class ends. In addition, there are going to be many opportunities for me to draw over your drawings and show you how to improve your designs.

There are going to be many opportunities for class participation during the lectures.

Here’s a character I’m exploring. His name is Jasper. He’s 8 years old and has aspirations of being a construction supervisor and doctor. Armed with a stethoscope and a head lamp he bravely embarks on a quest. On a mission to help a sick friend he discovers that he’s really not the best listener. I’m still discovering new ways to improve his design every time I draw him. For me, I have to get inside the character’s head before I can begin drawing. For this reason, we will also be developing a written character profile for your character design in class.

It’s going to be fun; hope to see you there!


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