Our Video Archives Now Unlocked for Workshop Members!

If you’re a member of our Creators Workshop – or considering joining our community – we’ve added an exciting new perk for members.

All 133 (and counting!) videos from our archives are now available to watch whenever, wherever you want.

This includes live workshops, town hall meetings, book clubs, and other educational resources, featuring industry legends like Kurt Busiek, Robert Kirkman, Rob Guillory, John Layman, and many, many more. We’re offering almost a decade’s worth of content to everyone taking part in our community. If you want to play catch up on a workshop you missed or hear what your fellow forumgoers think of a comic (or the creators themselves – Faith Erin Hicks dropped by our discussion of Friends with Boys!), then now’s your chance. With 2019 not far around the bend, you can start inspiring yourself to kick up your creative game as an early resolution.

Creators Workshop members who want to check out the new archive may do so here!

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