Comic Book Script Archive Adds Scripts from Three Published Comics Experience Writers!

Three new scripts are now available from the Comic Book Script Archive, presented by Comics Experience! Donated by writers Chris Clark, Bruce Kim, and Glenn Møane, each script is from a project chosen for publication through our partnership with Source Point Press.

All three titles premiered at New York Comic Con 2018, and began their path to publication right here in the Comics Experience community. Now, you can get a peek behind the process at the scripts that launched the books. They are:

Written by Chris Clark, adapting Atung Yupas
Illustrated by Owen Welsh

A cheeky, fun adaptation of a story from Atung Yupas’ 1991 collection of Tayal folktales.

Wild Strawberries
Written by Bruce Kim
Illustrated by Katia Vecchio

A crisis forces a young man back home to confront a traumatic past.

The Love She Offered
Written by Glenn Møane
Illustrated by Tirso Llanera

A miniseries about love, obsession, betrayal, and murder.


The Comic Book Script Archive is an educational resource for those interested in comic book scripting, with scripts generously donated by the creators. Our thanks to Chris, Bruce, and Glenn for donating their scripts!

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