Now Open for 2019 Enrollment: Intro to Comic Book Art!

Phillip Sevy‘s first Introduction to Comic Book Art of 2019 is now open for enrollment! Class begins January 30 – just in time for you to start putting all of your New Year’s resolutions into action.

“The main of the course is focused on visual storytelling. We’ll touch upon proportions, figures, and perspective, but the most important aspect of comics is the ability to tell a story,” Phillip says.

“I’ve found (both as an instructor and as a student once, myself) the sheer amount of information, choices, and understanding that comes with visual storytelling can be overwhelming at first. There’s a LOT to wrap your brain around. But as you study, work hard, and exercise your knowledge and understanding, the choices you make become easier and better along the way.”

Introduction to Comic Book Art’s structure is tailored to suit the needs of the group’s unique goals and dynamics, making it an ideal starting point for becoming the creator you want to be.

“Each time I teach a course I start off the same but always give myself the freedom and room to adapt the course to the group of students I have. Sometimes I slow down and focus on areas that need more time and sometimes there are areas where the students grasp the information quickly and we can move on,” Phillip says.

For aspiring and established comics art pros alike, the class’ flexibility and attention to personal growth reflect the teacher’s passion for elevating the comics community. As with all of our introductory courses, we hope to stoke enthusiasm for a fulfilling creative life, no matter where you want to take your talents.

Phillip says, “I love working with students at an early stage in their career. As we work through ideas and concepts, it’s really exciting to see ideas click for them and to watch their abilities expand and increase. The fundamentals we cover in the Intro to Comic Art course are the foundations for sequential art and visual storytelling.”

“Seeing artists and writers grasping the concepts concretely (where, before, they were often aware of these ideas but not always able to vocalize or explain them) is very rewarding.”

If you want to take comic book art classes later in the year, please note that this is a prerequisite for our advanced classes.

Ready to go? Sign up for Introduction to Comic Book Art here!


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