Gutter Magic Now in the Script Archive!

Creators Workshop member, class alumnus Rich Douek has generously donated his scripts to the Script Archive!

“Whatever success I have had in comics so far is, in a big part, thanks to Comics Experience – and not just the courses I took, but my involvement in the workshop and the community,” Rich says.

“Anything I can do to give back to that community, even in a small way, like providing my old scripts, is something I am more than happy to do. I see a lot of talented people coming out of Comics Experience, and I’d like to help them succeed if I can.”

The Script Archive collects comic book scripts from industry names like Brian Michael Bendis, Kelly Sue DeConnick, our own Paul Allor and Jennifer de Guzman, Brian K. Vaughn, Mark Waid, and plenty more. It’s a completely free resource to help aspiring comic book professionals learn how to best set their scenes and pace their stories.

Rich says, “I hope that anyone who reads the scripts will get some insights into how the story was crafted. If Gutter Magic was a book they enjoyed, I hope they can look at the script side by side with the finished product, and learn about how it was structured, paced, and turned into a comic.”

“I also hope that writers who are a part of the CE workshop can look at it as an example of a set of scripts that went through the peer review process we use on the boards, and were then successfully published, with insights and changes that came from that process included in the final work. Workshop members with a bit of time on their hands might even be able to track down the original threads the scripts were posted in and read some of the comments and changes made!”

You can access Gutter Magic at the Script Archive here!

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