Yo, Joe!: CE’s Paul Allor Puts a New Spin on an Old Classic

Comics Experiences’ Paul Allor embarks on a dream project this September when his first ongoing for G.I. Joe at IDW launches! He’ll be joined by artist Chris Evenhuis and colorist Brittany Peer.

“It feels so great. And very different. Before I was brought in for a limited purpose, a one-shot, a fill-in arc,” Paul says.

“This time I’m coming in on the ground floor to launch a new continuity and a new ongoing. That’s a first for me as a comics creator, and I’m enjoying the heck out of the ride.”

Paul’s fresh new interpretation of the G.I. Joe mythos sees a world where terrorist organization Cobra succeeds in its mission to dominate humanity, and heroes like Duke and Scarlet fight them as part of the anarchist underground.

“Cobra has toppled governments and occupied territories around the globe, and small pockets of resistance are desperate to fight back,” he says.

“One of those pockets of resistance is G.I. Joe, a program that recruits civilians living in occupied territories, to be spies, assassins and saboteurs. It’s also going to be a book that digs deep, deep, deep into the characters, providing an intimate look at the men and women who are fighting to save us all.”

The story developed alongside Hasbro and IDW, with plenty of back and forth between Paul and his collaborators. He notes that what excites him most about the new G.I. Joe is getting to share their collective hard work.

“There still aren’t nearly enough people familiar with Chris Evenhuis’ extraordinary art and design work, or Brittany Peer’s gorgeous colors. I can’t wait for everyone to see what they’re cooking up.”