CE’s Phillip Sevy on His Upcoming TRIAGE!

Comics Experience instructor Phillip Sevy is taking his career to an exciting new place! His new series Triage, coming soon from Dark Horse Comics, will feature both his writing and his art. It’s his first time pulling double duty and he couldn’t be more excited!

“It’s where I’ve always wanted to go in my career, so it feels both natural and terrifying at once. Comics is such a collaborative medium. This was all understand. What I didn’t understand is how much emotional support each collaborator gives. When I’m doing nearly everything myself, I suddenly felt the lack of emotional support that you get from a team. I feel the pressure of getting the book right because if it doesn’t click with readers, that’s ALL on me,” Phillip says.

“On the upside, it’s such a naturally synergistic way to work on a book. Knowing that I’m working on nearly all aspects of the book, I’m able to visualize it from beginning to end as I’m working on any part. It’s really exciting and exhilarating. Knowing that there’s no one to save my butt ahead or behind me, I’m finding myself working even harder on this book – harder than I knew was possible. It’s a giant emotional investment.”

Triage follows the story of a nurse, Evie, who has to figure out how to save the world… despite not knowing why she’s even been summoned to do so. A superhero and a post-apocalyptic fighter come along for the ride.

Phillip says, “There’s a lot of little things that fed into Triage – but the main thing was that I wanted to do a book that was so COMIC BOOK that it couldn’t be mistaken for anything else. I grew up on ’90s X-Men – where you could do literally ANYTHING (just google Cable’s origins and you’ll understand). I wanted to work on a book that was big and crazy and imaginative and couldn’t be done in other mediums. I wanted the most comic book of comic books. I love superheroes, I love post apocalyptic stories, I love sci-fi, I love human stories, I love reality-bending stories – so I took all of that and blended it into one five issue story!”

While Phillip handles the writing, art, inking, and coloring, Frank Cvetkovic serves as his “rock and… anchor for the book” as the letterer.

“Frank lettered my horror OGN The House and did an amazing job. We’ve worked on a handful of pitches and other things and I knew I needed him for Triage. And he’s gone above and beyond my expectations. I’ve given him a lot of work on this book… He makes all the dialogue work effortlessly on the page and has become a master of sound effects. I’m blown away by his work.”

Triage releases later this year!