James Janowsky, Screenwriting 101, and the Relationship between Film and Comics!

James Janowsky moderates a Q&A at the New York City Apple Store with Academy Award winning director Danny Boyle.

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What does screenwriting have in common with comic book writing?

…OK. We really don’t need to grade you. We all know you’ve passed. But here’s the thing – aside from the obvious, comic book writing and screenwriting share some novel connections that you might not realize.

What are they?

That’s what signing up for James Janowsky‘s Introduction to Screenwriting 101 is for!

His course will cover all the basics of writing for film, and for this iteration he plans to switch up the focus a little bit to push a necessary element of the writing process.

“This class I’m going stress that a writer needs to be flexible with their story, and willing to alter or change certain story points that seemed critical in the first draft,” James says.

“Basically, learning the ‘art’ of the re-write, and how important it is to be flexible going into the re-write process.”

The Columbia graduate is excited to be back teaching with Comics Experience and sharing everything he knows with aspiring creators, no matter their chosen medium.

“I love teaching. Love it! And opening the eyes of new writers on how to write for this particular visual medium is a pure joy,” he says.

“My goal is always the same: After taking the class I want students to tell their story with confidence, imagination, and a firm adherence to the language of film.”

Want to learn more about James’ thoughts on screenwriting, comics, and the way the two overlap? Check out his recent guest spot on our Make Comics Podcast here!

(Spoiler: He has a lot of kind things to say about Comics Experience students who transition over to film! And Heather Antos joins in with her filmmaking background as well!)

Ready to go? For anyone interested in branching out into film or building up their comics writing skills by learning a new writing technique, you can sign right up for Screenwriting 101 here. Do it quickly, though. Our courses have a habit of getting booked fast!

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