Tim Bach Unearths The Family Graves for a Trade Paperback!

Just in time for Halloween, Comics Experience course alumnus and Creator’s Workshop member Timothy Bach‘s The Family Graves hits shelves as a Source Point Press trade paperback on October 23! Inspired by science-fiction films and the Universal monster movies that Timothy loved as a child, the story follows the adventures of a crime fighting family of monsters. Basically, if The Munsters joined up as Avengers. Also on this wacky ride? Brian Atkins on pencils and inks, colorists Dijjo Lima, Brandon Daniels, and Ander Zarate, and Marco Della Verde on letters.

“After creating a number of short comics and one-shots, getting better each time, I felt ready to tackle a mini-series that was also a team book. I had a few ideas, but I knew I needed a little more structure, so I took one of the advanced writing classes with Andy. Eventually, I honed things down to a superhero team of monsters, and that quickly became a family of monsters—who also happened to be a team of heroes,” Timothy says.

“But behind all the scary monsters, this is a story about family. It’s sort of equal parts horror, heroics, and heart. Having worked with Brian Atkins on Gargoyle by Moonlight, I knew he was the perfect artist to bring humanity to these all-too-human monsters. So I pitched him the idea, and we decided to take it forward and pitch it to Comics Experience as part of the publishing initiative.”

The Family Graves began as a four issue miniseries, but Timothy says there’s more to come for his venerable beasties in 2020. And yes, you heard that from us. After all, Comics Experience helped provide him with the foundation he needed to launch his career.

“I probably wouldn’t be making comics if it wasn’t for Comics Experience. I was already writing my own stuff and working in a creative field, but I didn’t know how to get my work out there. I didn’t have a plan. I lacked follow-through, and, really, I was just fumbling around going nowhere,” says Timothy.

“Comics Experience gave me not only an education in making and marketing comics but also a community of motivated people focused on making comics. Taught by working pros, the courses are excellent. I can’t stress enough how valuable it is to learn from seasoned pros who are so generous with their time and advice… More specifically, I wouldn’t have met Brian or Marco if I hadn’t been a part of Comics Experience. I’ve also met a lot of other great people who teach me and challenge me. And I try to give back by sharing what I know or making an introduction to someone I’ve met.”


…If you want a preview of The Family Graves trade paperback, you can head over to Moonrise Comics or follow Timothy and Brian on Twitter as they tease their way toward publication.

You can pick up your copy of The Family Graves trade paperback from Source Point Press and Comics Experience at your favorite local comic book store and online October 23!