Paul Allor Rides with the Goth: Young Lovers at War!

Comics Experience instructor and content/operations manager Paul Allor is going goth in his next project. Goth will tell stories of what it means to be Visigoth and Goth throughout history, through one-shots held together by this common theme.

The first issue in the series tells of a doomed romance between the Visigoth warrior Dolphus and his lover Gerda. After their relationship ends, he attempts to lose himself in a noble death on the battlefield… but Gerda has other ideas. Painful ideas. Paul is joined in this venture by newcomer (and course alumnus!) Seth Abrams on art, course alumnus Josh Jensen on coloring, and Claire Napier as the consulting editor.

Paul answered a few questions about the upcoming one-shot in between his busy course schedule!

Comics Experience: What interests you the most about Visigoth history? What inspired these one-shots?

Paul Allor: Well, ancient Gothic history is fascinating, this epic tale of immigration, assimilation, and cultural annihilation. But with this series, we’re going to be telling a pan-Gothic tale, with one-shots focusing on different goths throughout history: the ancient goths in the first issue, 1980s mall goths in the second, a Gothic horror story in the third, and on and on. And in the process, you’ll see the lines between these different eras begin to fall, and the common themes emerge: among them melodrama, romantic fatalism, and a killer sense of style.

CE: What is your research process like for historical fiction?

PA: I tend to start broad and then focus in. So, for this issue, I read about the ancient Goths in general, and then when certain facets of their history stood out to me, I went seeking information on it, in particular. Basically, I read and read and make notes and highlight and reread my notes and highlights and then I just do what’s best for the story.

CE: This is Seth Adams’ first book! How did you meet him, and how do you work together?

PA: I met Seth through the Comics Experience Creators Workshop! He had a thread up where he showcased his art, and I really dug it. I think I saw it right as I was beginning to develop this project in my mind, and it was like, “okay, yeah, that’s the guy.”

And then once we dug in, Seth just absolutely blew me away. I already dug his work, but then he started shifting into gears I absolutely didn’t know he had. It’s been a wonderful experience.

And then Josh just brought Seth’s work to another level with his gorgeous, evocative colors. This is a flat-out gorgeous book, and I can’t wait to unleash it on the world later this month.

Remember to pick up your copy of Goth: Young Lovers at War on November 27!