Bob Salley and Source Point Press Bring the OGRES Out to Play!

Issue #3 of Bob Salley and Shawn Daley’s Ogres releases on January 29, the second to last issue of the four-part miniseries with our partners at Source Point Press!

With Bob on words and Shawn on art, the comic follows four young survivors of an attack on their Ogre clan and their Dwarven companion, all of whom want to track down the monsters responsible for the devastation. But the road to revenge comes with more fears, dangers, and anxieties than the party prepared for initially.

Ogres spins off from Bob and Shawn’s original series Ogre, though as a standalone story set in the same world rather than a sequel. Their creative partnership began in 2016 after meeting at Greater Philadelphia Comic-Con.

“I had been playing around with a fantasy series, but it didn’t have legs (so to speak). After discussing the concept with [Source Point Press Editor-in-Chief] Travis McIntire, we massaged the concept and it was perfect for Shawn Daley’s style of art,” Bob says.

“Now, fast forward two years later… Ogre was completed and was a hit in 2018. Shawn and I were having drinks in Toronto and he asked me when I was going to start writing the next. The experience of working with Shawn was such a pleasure and so valuable to my own progress in improving as a writer, I jumped at the opportunity to work with him again… So I picked up from a scene in Ogre and broke into another story with new characters. It was a fun challenge and now with both stories out there, we can tell new fans that they can pick up either book in any order.”

Bob credits Shawn with being an integral element of developing the story through both his art and his storytelling advice.

“I always want to give my co-creators a voice and it’s super important to me that they feel that ownership to the project. I am always up to listen to their critique and if they have ideas that can make the story better, than I want to hear it. In the end, that’s the ultimate goal… making the best story,” he says.

“It doesn’t matter who came up with this idea or that, but collectively, if the story is amazing, than it doesnt matter. Leave the ego at the door.”

Don’t forget to pick up Ogres #3 at your favorite local comic book store or online on January 29, 2020!