Intro to Coloring with Chris Sotomayor Now Open!

OK. Be honest with us here. How are you coming along with your comics-related New Year’s resolutions?

Relax. Your secret’s safe with us.

Regardless of how far you’ve come in a month, you’ve got an opportunity to advance your artistry with Chris Sotomayor‘s upcoming Introduction to Comic Book Coloring class! From March 9 through April 13, you’ll get personalized feedback from the colorist behind Batman, The Avengers, The X-Men, Captain Marvel, and other icons.

For six weeks, Chris will cover the basics of using Photoshop to make pencils pop and create the right mood for your story. You’ll cover a wide range of comic book art, including covers, pinups, and – of course – sequentials.

Looking forward to signing up? We’re a little biased, but we can’t blame you. And neither can other aspiring comic book professionals. Our classes tend to fill up quickly, so you’re going to sign up sooner rather than later. Make it happen by clicking here.

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