Erica Schultz on Her Upcoming Lettering Course

Comic book lettering occupies its own unique and wonderful space in the world of typographical art. It requires a number of deeply thoughtful decisions to make your favorite stories move.

Our Erica Schultz (Vampirella, Dejah Thoris, Red Sonja) wants to teach you how to make the magic happen with her upcoming Introduction to Lettering Comics course!

“Lettering really is more than just placing word balloons on a page. Depending on the story, the letterer is the one who helps guide the eye from panel to panel, especially if the layout is a bit confusing,” she says.

“Letterers also add sound effects to pages to make the visuals more dynamic.”

The class begins Monday, May 11 and runs six weeks in the evenings. This is Erica’s second time teaching the well-received class, which will require students to letter their own eight-page comic! Among other valuable lessons, of course. You’re going to get plenty of practice, and with the one-on-one attention from an experienced, respected industry professional!

She says, “For those that are already familiar with Adobe Illustrator, some of the information I’m teaching will already be known, but it’s necessary for those who haven’t had a background in Illustrator.

I’ll teach the class how to resize pages properly for production, letter, and how to output a print ready PDF file for most online printers (obviously, use the specifications from your particular printer, but these lessons are pretty universal).”

We deliberately keep the size of our classes small in order to ensure you receive the most personalized feedback necessary to grow your abilities and your career. Classes fill up fast because of this. Make sure you sign up today to clinch your spot!

“I enjoy showing them that lettering is not only a skill, but an art form,” Erica says. “Good lettering can elevate a mediocre book, and bad lettering can sink it. The world is better with good comics out there!”