Case Study: Kenny Porter

This past C2E2, our own Creators Workshop Director Bon Alimagno interviewed Workshop member and course alumnus Kenny Porter about his success with Kickstarter project Barnstormers and more. The interview, now up on our Case Studies page, delves deep into how our community and classes helped with building his career.

Here, we’ve got a few highlights from Bon’s interview with Kenny. Make sure to check out the whole video for the most comprehensive story and advice.

On taking Intro to Writing Comics:

There might be writing groups in my city, but no one in them who wrote comics or anything close to that. Intro to Writing Comics was a great opportunity to talk to other people who were interested in what I was doing, familiar with the medium and wanted to get better.

On the Creators Workshop:

First thing I asked when I’d post it: were you excited to read it? People who reviewed it would tell me this is where it trailed off for me; this is where it doesn’t bring the same heat or energy; or it doesn’t tonally fit, or someone’s dialogue didn’t sound consistent. It’s great to have people as a sounding board who have experience in the same medium as you.

On having a graphic novel published in today’s market:

You have to ask yourself, where does it actually fit? Instead of trying to fit a round peg in a square hole. The story you want to tell: who is the audience who wants to read it? Just because someone wants to do comics doesn’t mean they want to do superhero comics, or slice of life, or vice versa. There’s way more options now. It’s a big thing to learn now that the market is more open.

We know you want to know more. Make sure to head over to our Publishing Case Studies page!