Michael Roslen Turns His Sights to Mars with Remnant!

Out later this month: Another amazing comic from the Source Point Press-Comics Experience publishing partnership! Michael Roslen and his team – Karly Engracia on pencils, Davi Comodo on colors, and Comics Experience course alumnus Sean Rinehart on letters and logo design – welcome the landing of Remnant on April 29!

Remnant is a sci-fi story told over 3 generations of a single family as they struggle to colonize Mars after the Earth has become inhospitable. The story has a lot of influences, but I was primarily inspired by stories of people chasing dreams of a better life in a new world,” says Michael.

“Historically, we are familiar with those tales of the Europeans who sailed into the unknown to find the new world. In more modern times, we often hear about immigrants and refugees looking for a better way of life. Often those stories involve many ups and downs and those tales are passed down through the generations in the form of oral histories. I wanted to capture that spirit but with a futuristic, sci-fi flavor.”

For Michael, the Source Point-Comics Experience publishing program made for a helpful introduction to learning the ins and outs of the industry.

He says, “The experience has been great so far. Everyone has been very clear and upfront during the whole process. Everyone has been supportive and open to any questions I’ve had. This is my first time being published, so I’ve been learning a lot about everything that goes into the process.”

But the Source Point and Comics Experience partnership wasn’t his first experience working with us. Our community in the Creators Workshop helped him germinate Remnant from a concept to a published script.

“I workshopped the script in the CE forums as I was developing it. I got a lot of feedback and reviews from members and pros. I realized some elements the story weren’t working the way I was intending. Also, some parts of the story needed to be expanded, while others needed to be tightened,” Michael says.

“Getting a variety of differing opinions made me realize how subjective storytelling can be. But it also allowed me to identify the things that came up repeatedly, good or bad, and adjust accordingly. I was recently on the CE podcast talking in depth on this same subject. So if anyone wants to hear more about that, check out the podcast!”

Remnant‘s success story didn’t begin and end in the Workshop. Michael’s team took his script and turned it into a vivid science-fiction epic.

“I had a great team to help bring the book to life. Karly Engracia pencilled the book. He did a phenomenal job bringing the sci-fi elements to life while creating the lush, vibrant landscape of a terraformed Mars. Davi Comodo was our colorist. He brought a bold, unique vision to the art team,” He says.

“Finally, CE member Sean Rinehart lettered the book and designed the logo. He was able to connect some of Karly’s design elements into the lettering and give the book a really nice cohesiveness”

You can pick up your copy of Remnant #1 via mail or curbside delivery from your favorite local comic book store beginning April 29!