Digital comics and Finding your coalition

Long-time Comics Experience community member Stephanie Nina Pitsirilos discusses how a webinar on digital comics gave her the validation she needed.

Creator: Stephanie Nina Pitsirilos

Comics: DR163 | Insider Art

Pitsirilos says: “One of my many hats is I’m a volunteer librarian. I draw these awful comics in my newsletter. A fifth grader asked me, “Is it going to be on Webtoons?” So I knew if fifth graders were asking me about it, I had to look into it. Comics Experience comes in and I get that validation from the webinar with Reilly Brown. It’s an untapped market and we gotta get ahead in the game…

“Are there different sectors of society that might support you that you aren’t thinking about. When my Webtoon is released, it follows a graffiti artist and graffiti artists will be into it. Who can be part of your coalition and campaign?”

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