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Up-and-coming writer Kenny Porter discusses how Barnstormers, his graphic novel being republished by Simon and Schuster in September 2020, started from the five page script he wrote for Intro to Writing Comics.

Creator: Kenny Porter

Comic: Barnstormers (pre-order it in print | get it digital)

Porter says: There might be writing groups in my city, but no one in them who wrote comics or anything close to that. Intro to Writing Comics was a great opportunity to talk to other people who were interested in what I was doing, familiar with the medium and wanted to get better. 

Intro to Writing Comics was a great structured experience. You were given a deadline and specific format and page length to tell a complete story, and on a timeline similar to what a publisher would give you.

I was able to extrapolate that into a bigger story that became a prologue that is now becoming an original graphic novel, Barnstormers, coming out from Simon and Schuster in September.

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