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Comics Connection is your one-stop-shop for all things having to do with both creating comics as well as marketing and selling them. We offer business and creative education from working experts in the field. You can gain advice for writers and artists as well as publishers and indie creators. There is no aspect of comics creation and business that we refuse to cover.

Sound too good to be true? It’s pretty darn close. Comics Connection was started by Andy Schmidt, a comics writer, editor, publisher and printer and Gamal Hennessey, a comics attorney and business consultant. And our members include experts in a number of other areas. As a growing community, our strength is in our membership and our lessons. Together, we all move forward in our careers and hobbies much faster than we do on our own.

Comics Connection members will gain access to the Comics Connection Discord and forums, weekly live question and answer sessions, monthly educational classes, interviews with industry figures, and other resources to help creators navigate their comic careers. 

Additional publishing resources are available for additional fees, but your membership does afford you a discount for most of them. They include creative services, professional critiques, business development, legal services, printing, distribution, and publication of finished comics.

Comics Connection is a thriving online, 24/7 community of comic book creators, fans, and professionals.

Our community holds the following core values:

  1. Comics Connection is a place to learn, grow, thrive, and contribute. Not so much a value as a reality—the more you put into Comics Connection, the more you’ll also get out of it. We encourage you to critique the work of others, to start new topics of conversation and to ask questions of those already in Comics Connection.
  2. Comics are for everyone. Our community believes that diversity in content, creators, and fans are the only way that the industry can grow and adapt, and ultimately survive the shifting landscape of the marketplace. To that end, people within our community often have differing beliefs and opinions. We welcome diverse viewpoints, but we maintain an apolitical forum as much as possible.
  3. When we give feedback, we are honest about the work and areas of growth or improvement.
  4. While honesty is key to being able to improve your work, so is encouragement. So while our feedback is honest, it is also tempered with compassion and genuine desire to see you improve and grow as a comics fan or creator.
  5. Comics Connection is hosted by several comics professionals who are all CURRENTLY doing work within the industry.

If you’re ready to make comics and do it well, then this is the place for you. If you’ve longed for a place to talk shop, get questions answered, and discuss the business of comics as a budding creator or professional, then this is the place for you. If you’re looking for an open and honest community built around encouraging one another on their comics journeys, then this is the place for you.

Our Discord and message boards (private to members only) are inclusive, moderated, and hosted by professionals and pro-members. In addition to interacting with comics creators and pros, you can also sit back and watch as industry veterans debate topics about the industry itself, comics creation or the business side of comics.


Comics Connection has a partnership with CEX Publishing that allows for submissions to come from Comics Connection members, Comics Experience mentoring clients, creative services clients and course alumni. These are the ONLY UNSOLICITED SUBMISSIONS that CEX accepts. Visit for submission eligibility and details.

Your subscription and willingness to learn, listen and discuss! Let’s make some comics!