Comic Art

6 Week Online Course | Tuesdays, January 12 – February 16, 2021 | 8:00 pm - 10:00 pm ET | Instructor: Phillip Sevy

Introduction to Visual Storytelling

Learn all of the elements that go into telling and illustrating a compelling story in comic form!

Renowned comic book artist Phillip Sevy (Tomb Raider, Triage, The House, Paradox) teaches you how to improve your storytelling, what the professional standards are, how to avoid common pitfalls, how to build a great cover, and strategies for breaking into the business!

You’ll complete four pages of sequential comic pages under Phillip’s guidance and you’ll get all the behind-the-scenes tips he can pack into six weeks.

No matter where you are in your comics art journey, Comics Experience maintains a creative environment built on positive reinforcement and encouragement. This is a safe place to bring your existing work, create new stories and grow. You’ll get honest feedback meant to help move you forward.

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  • You will complete four pages of sequential art under Phillip’s guidance.
  • You’ll get all of Phillip’s best tips and training.
  • You also get exclusive access to a dedicated class member-only online forum.
  • You’ll have access to recordings of any class in the series for the duration of the class and a few weeks after its conclusion—so you never have to miss a class!
  • You’ll get bonus videos compiled by Phillip for added lessons and content. These mean more in-class learning!
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The class size is limited to keep the course intimate and ensure that every student gets the attention he or she deserves.

Phillip Sevy began his comics career with Heartless Dark, a weekly webcomic he wrote, penciled, inked, and colored. At its conclusion, Phillip attended the Savannah College of Art and Design where he got his MFA in Sequential Art. Working primarily as an artist, he’s had work published by Zenescope, Hic & Hoc Publications, and SCAD as well as featured in a variety of anthologies. After completing the four-issue miniseries The F1rst Hero for Action Lab Entertainment, he was named a runner-up in the 2013 Top Cow Talent Hunt competition.

For Top Cow, he drew the Magdalena short story Adelphia (which appeared in an issue of Witchblade) which led to him drawing the IXth Generation one-shots Athena IX and Poseidon IX and issues 5-8 of The Tithe (with series co-creator Rahsan Ekedal) as well as contributing to Witchblade 185 (the final issue of the landmark series).

Phillip completed a 12-issue run on the Tomb Raider ongoing series from Dark Horse Comics, written by Eisner Award-winning writer Mariko Tamaki. His creator-owned miniseries The House (with Drew Zucker) is on Comixology and his creator-owned oneshot Paradox is now available in stores, as is his sci-fi miniseries Triage through Dark Horse, which was written, drawn, inked AND colored by Phillip (with letters by Frank Cvetkovic).

Phillip’s worked with a variety of corporate clients doing commercial illustration over the last few years, including AMC Entertainment and the Sundance Channel. When he’s not drawing, he teaches Comics and Sequential Art at Broadview Entertainment Arts University where he’s won awards for Outstanding Faculty and Excellence in Applied Learning.

I don’t know much about comic book art, is that okay?

Absolutely. We created these courses to appeal to comic enthusiasts of all kinds; beginners and experienced alike! Our friendly staff are great at teaching to your level and helping you raise that level each week.

I’m an old pro; can this class help me?

We firmly believe that one should always be learning, no matter how successful. If you’ve been at this for a number of years, we’ll have a fresh perspective that will enlighten you and help improve your game.

I don’t really want to BE a comic book artist, but I like comic book art. Is this the class for me?

You are under no real pressure to complete the active homework assignments. We encourage you to do so because it enhances your own learning. If you just want to get into the mindset or gain a better understanding of how to look at and evaluate the art you see as a hobby – then you’ll be astounded by the thought, preparation, and skill that goes into making a comic book page.

What if I miss a class? Can I make it up?

While our class meetings are live, all classes are recorded and posted. You’ll have access to all the class sessions for the entire duration of the class and a few weeks after it ends. If you have any questions after viewing it, you can always post on the dedicated class member-only online forum for your instructor to answer.

Does the course cover anything else?

Sure! We also cover industry-related topics like strategies on breaking in and networking within the comics community.

How do I get notified after I’ve clicked on the PayPal button?

You will receive an email confirmation at the address linked to your PayPal account, usually within 24 hours.

Is there any learning between class meetings?

You and your classmates will have exclusive access to a class member-only online forum where you can talk with each other, interact with your instructor, and post your art for review (as well as review others’ art). We can’t stress enough how important reviewing others’ art really is – how much YOU learn by doing it. The class forum is open 24/7 while class is in session.

If I don’t live in the United States, can I still take the course?

You bet. We’ve had students jump in from Europe, Asia, Australia, South America, and Africa. Some of these students have not been able to attend live but they’ve viewed the recordings and interacted with their classmates online!

To participate in our live online sessions you will need:

  • A computer or mobile device that meets Zoom’s minimum requirements
  • High-speed Internet access
  • To agree to the terms included in Comics Experience’s User Agreement.
  • Headphones/ear buds with microphone (optional, but strongly suggested)
  • A scanner is recommended so that it is easier for you to share your art to get constructive criticism from your classmates and from Phillip himself.
  • Your Artist Hat!

Online registration only: To attend Introduction to Visual Storytelling, you must register online. Enrollment is limited.*

*We do not currently offer refunds after enrollment.

Achilles Yeldell

“This past February, I submitted my artwork at the DC Talent Search. The following day, I went to the convention, confident I’d be on the list for a one-on-one session… After all, I had spent months working on those three pages!

My not seeing my name on the board was a life changing moment. The ‘rejection’ wasn’t even the hardest part. It was the not knowing why my pages weren’t good enough. Books help; I’d already read plenty of them. But there are thousands of factors specific to a writer and artist that play into their work.

Enter Comics Experience. There’s a huge gap between the guy who’s drawing his favorite heroes in his favorite poses and the guy who’s submitting stuff that meets the standard of the industry. Your classes proved to be the perfect step to closing that gap.”

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