Comic Art

Comics Connection

COMICS CONNECTION brings the best of both CE’s Creator’s Workshop and Comics Publishing Institute together for the same great membership options while adding more content and access to professional comic book creator resources.

ALL CE Creator’s Workshop and CPI members will have unlimited access to the following:

  • Over 100 recorded video lessons on comic book business and comic book craft, plus industry veteran interviews.
  • New live monthly lessons on the business of comic book publishing, interviews with industry figures, and weekly video Q&A sessions to demystify the comic publishing process.
  • A new Comics Connection Discord to share ideas and ask questions about publishing comics, plus continued access to Comics Experience‚Äôs message boards and over 12 years of discussions and reviews. Comics Connection’s Discord will be populated by comic book creators and industry professionals available for discussions or questions.
  • A weekly Comics Connection newsletter summarizing all the new content created by Comics Connection.
  • Resources to find creators to work with on a collaboration or work-for-hire basis.
  • A free digital copy of the Business of Independent Comic Book Publishing by Gamal Hennessy.