Art and Coloring Courses

  • Comic Book Law
    Comic Book Law for Creators

    Instructor: Joe Sergi

    4 Weeks | Starts: July 18, 2022

    In this course, Joe Sergi, attorney, comic creator, and author of Comic Book Law: Cautionary Tales for the Comic Creator, will cover the legal topics that creators may face when making comics.

  • Tomb Raider cover thumbnail
    Storytelling Live Studio Intensive

    Instructor: Phillip Sevy

    8 Weeks | Starts: July 19, 2022 Live

    An intensive self-directed live studio course building on the pillars of storytelling and elevating them to the next level by focusing on individual style and personal expression.

  • Introduction to Comic Book Coloring

    Instructor: Chris Sotomayor

    6 Weeks | Starts: September 12, 2022 Live

    In this six-week course, pro colorist Chris Sotomayor teaches you all the necessary tools for coloring and using color as a storytelling device.

  • Intro to Visual Storytelling Robin
    Introduction to Visual Storytelling

    Instructor: Phillip Sevy

    6 Weeks | Starts: September 20, 2022 Live

    Join professional artist Phillip Sevy (Tomb Raider, Triage, The House, Paradox) as he teaches you everything you need to know about comic book storytelling in this dynamic six-week class.

  • Digital Inking Finishing - Spider-Man
    Digital Inking and Finishing

    Instructor: Phillip Sevy

    5 Weeks | Starts: November 8, 2022 Live

    A powerful study specifically on methods used in comic book art –utilizing digital tools and programs to take pencil art to finished, print-ready quality inks!

  • Introduction to Figure Drawing & Anatomy

    Instructor: Phillip Sevy

    Jump into this in-depth study in drawing and constructing the human form and learn how to render phenomenal human images without the aid of photographic reference!

  • Kickstarting Your Comic or Graphic Novel

    Instructor: Ryan Browne

    In this six-week digital course, Kickstarter expert Ryan Browne teaches you all the necessary tools for creating and executing your own Kickstarter.

  • Advanced Comic Book Coloring

    Instructor: Chris Sotomayor

    In this seven-week course, colorist Chris Sotomayor covers all the advanced coloring techniques that take your work to the next level!

  • Comics Storytelling Masterclass

    Instructor: Phillip Sevy

    An intensive course of study focused on breaking the mold of more traditional grid layout storytelling while digging underneath the surface of your art to find ways to add more emotion and meaning to your ideas.

  • Advanced Figure Drawing & Anatomy

    Instructor: Phillip Sevy

    Advanced Figure Drawing is an exciting course of study in adapting the dynamic human figure to comic book art!

  • Introduction to Perspective & Environments

    Instructor: Phillip Sevy

    In this six-week course, pro comic penciler Phillip Sevy (Tomb Raider, Magdalena, The House) teaches you all the necessary tools and tricks for learning perspective and creating environments through illustration.