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Past Faculty & Guests

  • Greg Pak

    In his fifteen-year career, Greg Pak has written over 475 comic books for Marvel, DC, BOOM!, Dynamite, Dark Horse, Aspen, and his own creator-owned label.

    He’s probably best known for Planet Hulk (which inspired parts of the Thor: Ragnarok feature film), Mech Cadet Yu (which won the 2018 Mike Wieringo Spirit Award), and for co-creating the Marvel Comics character Amadeus Cho with artist Takeshi Miyazawa. Pak is currently writing Ronin Island, James Bond 007, Star Wars, Firefly, and New Agents of Atlas. He co-wrote Make Comics Like the Pros with Fred Van Lente and can be found at and .

  • Dave Sharpe

    Dave Sharpe has been lettering for 20 years. He started in 1990 hand-lettering in the Marvel Bullpen. After freelancing and teaching lettering at the Joe Kubert School in the mid-90s, Dave came back on staff and developed and helmed the Marvel in-house lettering department. In 2002, he went back to life as a freelancer and continues to letter for DC Comics and many independent titles. Dave has worked on many titles such as Spider-Man Loves Mary JaneShe-Hulk, Ms. Marvel, The Defenders, and Spider-Girl.

  • David Finch

    For almost 20 years, David Finch has inspired fans with his raw and gritty art aesthetic. His comic credentials include creator-owned successes Ascension and Aphrodite IX and mainstream hits like Ultimate X-Men, New Avengers, Moon Knight and Ultimatum.

    In addition to comics, Dave has done work for film, video games and the music industry.   Moving to DC Comics in 2010, Dave used his powerful and emotional artwork to tackle Gotham’s grittiest hero in Batman: Dark Knight. His work with Geoff Johns on Justice League of America and Forever Evil brought a fresh and exciting perspective to the DC universe’s villains. His Wonder Woman run is available now.

    Comics Experience is thrilled to have Finch returning for a second Master Seminar. With Andy Schmidt moderating, the discussion will naturally be full of contextual conversations that you won’t be able to find anywhere else. That’s because David and Andy worked together on multiple projects at Marvel and David even contributed a phenomenal first-issue cover to Andy’s creator-owned project.

  • Gannon Beck

    Gannon Beck has been a graphic designer and illustrator for nearly 20 years. He is the artist and co-writer for the ongoing webcomic Space Corps, co-creator of the online strip The Big Gap that ran from 1998 until 2004, and performs layout duties on Past the Last Mountain for Th3rd World Studios.

    Through his design business, Gannon has created designs for over 2,000 military units stationed around the world. Self-employed since the turn of the century, and an e-commerce veteran since 1997, he has years of business and marketing experience.

  • Ryan Browne

    Ryan Browne is a writer/artist who has worked with almost every major publisher in comics. He built his career by making comics entirely by himself, writing, drawing, coloring, lettering AND self-publishing them in webcomic and book form.

    He first gained attention from his work on his self-publish book, God Hates Astronauts that led to his first professional work at Devil’s Due Publishing on Storm Shadow and Voltron. After years of DIY comics, Ryan started working full-time as a professional in 2012 with Smoke And Mirrors for IDW. In 2013 and 2014, Ryan became the fill-artist on Manhattan Projects (With Jonathan Hickman) and Bedlam (With Nick Spencer) for Image Comics.

    The success of a very successful Kickstarter to compile God Hates Astronauts in 2013 led directly to a continued ongoing series of God Hates Astronauts for Image Comics in 2014.

    Comics Experience is thrilled to have Ryan join us for his Kickstarter seminar.

  • Mike Siglain

    Mike Siglain is a former DC Comics editor whose work with top creators quickly gave him a reputation as not just one of the most creative editors in the industry, but also one of the most upstanding, honest, and encouraging. Mike proved his mettle on some of the industry’s most challenging projects like DC Comics’ ground-breaking 52. Not only did he work with Grant Morrison, Mark Waid, Greg Rucka, and Geoff Johns on that one book, but Mike met a host of production challenges as well–and conquered them.

    Mike was hand-picked by Andy early on to take over teaching the Comics Experience art courses when Andy could no longer do so in New York City. There, Mike took his own art background and natural teaching instincts to new levels, garnering rave reviews from his students. Mike left DC Comics to work for Disney Publishing in 2010 where he edits the popular Marvel Press Books including the popular Marvel Origin Storybook line, as well as Disney Live-Action titles.