Jason White

Jason White is a former Assistant Editor for Marvel Comics. Jason spent his three and half years at Marvel, working on the second tier X-Men titles like X-Factor, X-Men Unlimited, Gen X, and Excalibur as well as What If. His proudest achievement while there was launching Mutant X.

Jason then moved on to working in marketing and PR for…well a very long time…at various computer software and entertainment businesses like Viz Media, Playthings Magazine, and Gartner. He is currently a Senior Creative Writer for an in-house marketing team where he spends his days writing video scripts, web copy, press releases, speeches and pretty much anything else the company needs including some voice-over work.

Throughout his careers, Jason has always maintained a close association with the comics industry not only through his former contacts with artists and writers but by making his Wednesday pilgrimage to his local comic shop and talking to various retailers about the business.