Joanne Price

Joanne Price is a comics newbie, but no stranger to books, stories, or graphic art. A punk from Buffalo, New York, Price brings a DIY spirit (a Master’s degree in Fine Arts) and more than 25 years of art and print experience. Price is ready to contribute with her graphics, fine arts and professional-art-editions and self-publishing background.

Joanne’s specialized studio expertise is in the 19th century tradition of wood engraving, a form of printmaking (works like a stamp — think Victorian illustrations & Lynd Ward’s 1930s graphic novels) that has led to illustration work for authors like Wendell Berry, Barbara Kingsolver, Silas House, Frank X Walker, and more. Price is the founder and Director of Starpointe Studio specializing in wood engraving, letterpress, and book arts.

Joanne is the Executive Assistant and Operations Manager for Comics Experience. She also is the Submissions Coordinator for CEX Publishing.

You can follow Joanne at: @starpointestudio on Instagram and/or @StarpointePrice on Twitter