Sean Rinehart

Sean Rinehart is a digital letterer for comics whose work has been featured on recent indy series hits such as Dead End Kids, No Heroine, Gutter Magic: Smoke and Mirrors, and The V-Card. Having worked on the kid-friendly series Robots and Princesses for Dynamite and a variety of titles for Source Point Press, including The Love She Offered, the Ringo-award nominated Grief anthology and the upcoming Dead End Kids: The Suburban Job, Sean has had a steady stream of published work. Prior to his freelance lettering career, he has worked in software marketing and project management for a variety of major institutions. Originally picking up lettering while living in Switzerland, he has also lived in France and Germany, but has settled in Wisconsin with his family. He has an MBA from the University of Colorado and is a graduate of the University of Cincinnati. An alum of several Comics Experience courses, he is currently completing his graphic novel thesis toward an MFA in illustration from the Academy of Art University.