243 George Perez and Neal Adams

Comics Experience Make Comics Podcast
Comics Experience Make Comics Podcast
243 George Perez and Neal Adams

Andy and Joey talk about George Perez, two comics creators who recently passed. Andy worked on projects that Perez and Adams worked on and shares his experiences, as well as creator rights, kindness to collaborators and readers, legacy, and more.

242 Panel Actions

Andy and Joey talk about panel descriptions, which Andy has come to describe as “panel actions” in his thinking and teaching his courses. Each panel can have one action, stories are active, things are happening, establishing shots can have actions…

241 Storytelling in Comics, TV, and Movies

Andy and Joey talk about comics being adapted into TV and movies, story arcs, “new number 1!” issues, and how storytellers need to keep in mind what medium they’re working in. Even if your comic gets optioned for TV and movies, the goal with your comic is to always make the best comic book you […]

240 Fred Van Lente and Steve Ellis SILENCERS: THE DEFINITIVE EDITION

Fred Van Lente and Steve Ellis join Andy to discuss their upcoming release SILENCERS: THE DEFINITIVE EDITION coming soon from CEX Publishing! But make no mistake, they’re doling out career advice for both artists and writers and discussing how the industry has changed over the years!

239 Contract Negotiations

Andy talks about contract negotiations from both the creator side and publisher side. Since CEX Publishing launched the CEX contract to publish comics has changed based on their experiences. Creators asking questions, talking through concerns, and more.

238 Lettering Passes Workflow

Comics lettering is an important part of making comics, and writers + artists + editors can help set a letterer up for success with their passes before ever sending pages to a letterer. Workflow, design, and being aware of a letterer’s time FTW!