#200 – Making Comics with Comics Experience

Make Comics
Make Comics
#200 - Making Comics with Comics Experience

On the 200th episode of Make Comics hear comics-making tips from Comics Experience faculty and staff as they share their make comics tips!

Find this episode’s guests online:

Reilly Brown https://www.instagram.com/Reilly_brown/ 

Erica Schultz https://www.twitter.com/EricaSchultz42

Fred Van Lente https://twitter.com/fredvanlente

Robert Atkins  https://twitter.com/robertatkinsart

Chris Sotomayor https://twitter.com/sotocolor

Nicole Boose https://twitter.com/NicoleBoose

Marc Sumerak https://twitter.com/msumerak

Jim Gibbons https://twitter.com/thejimgibbons

Molly Lazer https://twitter.com/MollyLazer

Stephen Paluka https://twitter.com/StephenPakula

Joe Sergi https://twitter.com/joesergi1

Michelle Kasten https://www.comicsexperience.com/