5 Week online Course | Instructor: Paul Allor

Great Dialogue & Narrative Captions


Do you want characters that demand attention and draw the reader in? This is the course for you!

Dialogue and narrative captions are some of the main ways writers show readers who their characters are and where they’re from. This course, available for writers at any stage, will teach you how to define character through dialogue, craft dialogue that moves the story forward, use captions and narration for maximum impact, create arguments that flow like dance moves, slip in exposition without the reader knowing, utilize the one easy secret to mastering subtext, and much more!

You’ll learn directly from renowned comics writer Paul Allor each week, live and online. Every week you’ll be given assignments to help sharpen your skills and make sure you have the lessons down.

You’ll have access to our dedicated course message board where you’ll be able to review each others’ work and receive feedback from the instructor.

If you want to master dialogue and conquer narrative captions, then you need to take this course! Don’t miss out.

Sorry, this course is not currently open for enrollment.

Introduction to Writing Comics

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Captain America dialogue

  • You will learn from professional comic book writer Paul Allor
  • You’ll get Paul’s lessons and lectures, discussions and bad jokes
  • You also get exclusive access to a dedicated class member-only online forum
  • You’ll have access to recordings of any class in the series for the duration of the class and a few weeks after its conclusion—so you never have to miss a class
  • There will be weekly assignments reviewed by the instructor
  • Class size is limited to keep it awesome!

Paul Allor is a critically-acclaimed writer, editor and letterer who began as a Comics Experience student and workshop member, eight years ago. Since then, they have written for Marvel Comics, AfterShock Comics, IDW Publishing, BOOM! Studios, Dynamite Entertainment, Vault Comics and others.

Paul’s comics writing is known for balancing intensely character-driven stories with bombastic ideas and dynamic plotting. Their creator-owned books include Hollow Heart, from Vault Comics; Monstro Mechanica, from AfterShock Comics; Tet, from IDW Publishing and Comics Experience; Past the Last Mountain, from Gov’t Comics and Comics Experience; Strange Nation, from Monkeybrain Comics; and the self-published comics Orc Girl and Clockwork, the latter of which included Paul’s five-page story from their Comics Experience Introduction to Writing class!

On the work-for-hire side, Paul is perhaps best known for their extensive work in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise for IDW Publishing, as well as the critically acclaimed 2019 relaunch of GI Joe.

Other properties Paul has worked on include Captain America, Iron Man, Guardians of the Galaxy and other Marvel characters; Star Trek; Mighty Morphin Power Rangers; King Kong; Godzilla; Clue; Samurai Jack; My Little Pony and others.

 Since 2017, they have served in various capacities with Comics Experience. Paul is currently the Editorial Director of CEX Publishing, and teaches a number of introductory and advanced writing classes. You can follow them on Twitter at @PaulAllor.

GI Joe dialogueDo I need to already be a comics writer to take this course?

Not at all, but taking our Introduction to Comic Book Writing course is a prerequisite to this one. If you’ve completed Introduction to Comic Book Writing, you’re good to go for this one!

How unique is this course really?

To our knowledge, there is no other place to get a course like this for comics writers, and we’ve searched pretty far and wide! Comics Experience is the leader for online comic book courses, and we’re confident you won’t find a better course, taught by a professional instructor, and in such a passionate community.

What if I’ve never written a comic book before?

Have no fear. This course is geared for the beginner as well as the experienced creator. Unlike the Introduction to Comic Book Writing course, which builds week to week, this course’s topics function independently from one another in many ways. That means that you won’t need to know everything taught in the Intro course to be able to participate and excel in this one. In other words, basic comics writing knowledge is not required. Jump on in—you’ll be fine!

Besides listening to Paul’s lousy jokes, what do I actually do in this course?

You’ll be given assignments each week based on the topics covered. You’ll discuss the course and the work of your fellow classmates (and your own) on the dedicated message boards. It’s as intensive as you want it to be, but the learning potential in this course is huge!

What do I do after the class?

Once the course is over, you’ll have been taught how to do amazing things in comic book scripts—so start writing comics! And if you haven’t already, sign up for that Introduction to Comic Book Writing course from Comics Experience! (We hear it’s fantastic).

What else will we be doing?

In addition to talking with Paul and your classmates during the class sessions—and they are recorded if you have to miss one or more—you’ll also have exclusive access to a dedicated class member-only online forum where your class can meet online 24 hours a day, seven days a week for the duration of the course.

The forum is where you’ll be able to post your work for your class to review, comment on, and make suggestions. And likewise, you’ll be asked to comment on your fellow students’ stories as well. You’ll problem-solve together and find new ways to bend the minds of your readers!

Do I need to know a whole lot about comics?

Absolutely not. All introduction level courses are designed for total beginners and those seeking to improve their craft. The class has a quick pace, so if you’re very new, be prepared to work, but one thing we pride ourselves on at Comics Experience is our ability to teach to any individual’s skill level.

These courses aren’t about the instructor, and that’s why we keep them small. We have an excellent track record with our students, and it’s our top aim to keep it that way. So—new to comics? Come on in, we’d love to show you around! Old pro? Let’s sharpen those skills and learn a few new tricks! Everyone’s welcome, and the group learning will help everyone improve!

Do I need to be a computer wiz for the class?

Nope. Not one bit. You need to have high-speed Internet access. We recommend that you have headphones with a microphone to plug into your computer, but that’s by no means necessary. Ultimately, you don’t have to speak if you don’t want to, though we like hearing your voice!

It’s simple; once you’re in your first class, we’re sure you’ll get comfortable very quickly. Do check the “Requirements” tab to see specific system requirements.

What computer programs do I need for this course?

None. Our system has a plug-in, so you don’t need anything. Although a word processor of some kind is recommended—and you will, of course, need Internet access.

What if I miss a class?

All of our classes are recorded and available to view via streaming link for the duration of the course. And on top of that, you’ll have exclusive access to the Comics Experience forum set up just for the class. You’ll be able to interact with the rest of your class all week long at any time.

If I don’t live in the United States, can I still take the course?

You bet. We’ve had students jump in from Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa, and South America—that’s every inhabited continent on the planet! Some of these students have not been able to attend live, but they’ve viewed the recordings and interacted with their classmates online, getting everything they can out of the courses.

If I don’t want a career in comics, and just like making comics or even just want to learn more about the art form I love, is this class right for me?

Sure it is! How better to expand your knowledge and understanding of comics than by engaging with creators? And that’s what most of our students are—they’re creators. It’s a great place to learn just for fun if you wish, too. We’d love to have you!

How do I sign up?

Click on the PayPal button and you’ll get an email confirmation and instructions within two business days giving you everything you need to get started with the course.

There simply are no better courses on professional techniques for comics writers—on the Internet or live—than those offered by Comics Experience. Period. If you want to make comics for fun or become a pro, your comics career starts here. Go ahead and reserve your spot today! Space is limited.

What if I need to cancel my enrollment?

Unfortunately, Comics Experience  cannot provide a full refund for course enrollment once the course is purchased.
  • From the time of purchase until 21 days before the class start date, 50% of the course fee can be refunded.
  • Between 20 and 7 days prior to the class start date, 25% of the course fee can be refunded.
  • Between 7 and 0 days of the class start date, no refunds can be granted.

We appreciate your understanding and compliance to help us keep costs down and to continue offering high quality courses.


You must have completed the Introduction to Comic Book Writing course to enroll in this class.

To participate in our live online sessions you will need:

What if I need to cancel my enrollment?

Unfortunately, Comics Experience cannot provide a full refund for course enrollment once the course is purchased.

  • From the time of purchase until twenty-one (21) days before the class start date, 50% of the course fee can be refunded.
  • Between twenty (20) and seven (7) days prior to the class start date, 25% of the course fee can be refunded.
  • Six (6) days or fewer before the course start date, no refund will be issued.
  • We appreciate your understanding and compliance to help us keep costs down and to continue offering high quality courses.