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You’ve got a comic you’re ready to make into a reality. But… making comics is hard and time-consuming work. Editing and revising a script is hard work. Finding collaborators is hard and time-consuming work. Negotiating contracts is hard (and often expensive) work. Managing a creative team is hard work. 

Our Professional Services can help lighten that load. By pooling our resources and expertise across multiple projects, we’re able to keep our costs relatively in line with what you’re likely to pay if you did it all yourself. We have contracts that we can use on multiple projects, we have a group of trusted creators that we use—tried and true—working professionals whom we’ve vetted so you don’t have to. And we’ve got the expertise to review layouts and colors and make sure your files are ready for print! 

Let’s be honest, writing your script, penciling your pages, or coloring the line art is more than enough to occupy your mind and talent. Managing a whole project and team yourself is likely to only divide your attention and distract you from focusing on what’s most important to you. We can manage the project for you, creating a stress-free process, allowing you to spend your time on what matters most to you, be that your art, business, family, or any other passion of yours. 

Allow us to leverage our connections, resources, and expertise and guide your project to completion. It’s the smoothest way to get from a script to a comic in your hands!

We make this as straightforward as we possibly can. The whole point of Professional Services is to take the stress and hard work off your shoulders. You pay a single fee to Comics Experience, and your project comes to life. No hidden fees.

Here is what is included in a Professional Services Package:

  • Finding an artist(s)
  • Finding a color artist
  • Finding a letterer
  • Handling production work
  • Negotiating rates and contracts with creators
  • Organizing workflow
  • Providing feedback for storytelling integrity throughout the process
  • Working with the client (you) to incorporate your notes that are within industry norms
  • Preparing all contracts for freelancers so that their work and copyright passes on to you. – You retain 100% of your copyright to the story
  • Delivering final (print ready) files to you
  • Making all payments to freelance contractors

It’s worth repeating, that our PRICE IS ALL INCLUSIVE. Contracts and all payments to freelancers come out of our fee. You pay us, and no one else.

Please note that our fees do not include script development and editing.

There is simply no better—headache-free (for you)—way to turn your idea or script into a full comic book or short story than by using our Professional Services. To request a quote, please fill out the form on the Request a Quote tab!

The process is fairly simple; once payment (or first payment for a longer project) is received, the work begins! Here’s how it generally works:

  • We discuss the style and look of the project with you
  • We search out a few artists’ samples to show you
  • You choose from the samples shown and we check for availability
  • Once the artist is selected and the artist commits to the project, we develop the artist’s schedule (artists work at varying speeds)
  • You review layouts or page roughs and give CE any notes (All notes must be within industry norms, see the FAQ for more details)
  • We incorporate your notes with our own and send them back to the artist
  • The artist delivers line art, which you then review and send us your notes
  • We hire a color artist and a letterer and you get to review their work
  • Any extra items such as covers or logos are completed
  • Once all edits are complete, we do the production work and deliver final, print ready files to you – typically via DropBox or some other file sharing software
  • We make payments to all freelancers throughout the process and keep their contracts on file
  • You are granted all copyright and ownership of the project upon completion of the project and final payment.
  • And now you have everything you need to print a comic!

Please note, the process of making a comic is not always fast. If you have a tight deadline, we must know that up front, and it will likely raise the price of the project.

Please also note that we may need to discuss your notes on things like layouts, line art, colors, and lettering. We only pass on notes that are within industry norms. Please see the FAQ for further information about when this occurs.

Additionally, Comics Experience has a sister company called ONS Printing that offers discount and high quality printing to single clients and small publishers. If you wish to print your comic, you may want to inquire about a quote with ONS.

Will there be a person assigned to my project?

Yes, you’ll have one key contact on your project. Typically, that one person stays on for the duration of the entire project, so you’ll always have a direct link to your project.

How much interaction do I get with the editorial team through the process?

The team will likely be sending you regular updates on your project so you can see progress as it goes. We don’t send every single thing right when it comes in, we tend to send in batches, and we’ll let you know when we need your feedback. Bottom line, you’ll be hearing from us often and you should never have a problem connecting with your Comics Experience editor.

What if my editor and I disagree about notes for a freelancer?

This can happen. We’ve found that honesty is the best policy. We often will discuss notes and appropriateness of them over email, but in the rare case where it seems like a phone call is best, we can do that as well. We have yet to work on a project where we have not been able to come to an agreement on notes or found a creative solution to address a concern. That’s part of what project management is—trying to get everyone to feel good about their part in the project.

Do I retain all of my rights to my material and copyrights?

Yes. Our contracts are written in such a way that our freelancers and Comics Experience staff and business entity pass their copyright and all ancillary rights over to you, the client. When the project is completed and fully delivered, the rights are transferred to you as well. The project is yours, no strings attached.

Is my project eligible for Comics Experience’s Publishing Program?

Yes, it will be eligible to submit. And that’s something you can discuss with your editor along the way, and they can tell you more about that program and how to submit and any other details. It is worth noting that Professional Services is not a guarantee of publication through our program. We have publishing partners and while we stand behind our Professional Services projects, there may be other reasons outside of our control that make publishing any particular project difficult. That said, we’re optimistic that should you wish to publish through Comics Experience, that project will meet or exceed our quality standards.

Do I have to publish my project through Comics Experience?

Absolutely not. Most of our clients and members and alumni take their projects directly to publishers or self-publish. You are under no obligation to publish through Comics Experience.

How does Comics Experience determine if my script requires additional work?

Any comic book script that we give to a freelancer to illustrate, color, or letter from has to be done to a professional level. By that, we mean that panel descriptions are required to be written in a way that makes it clear what the artist needs to illustrate, that the colorist can find proper direction, and the letterer can easily letter from the script. Any script that we determine is not ready to be handed off to an artist, we will require revisions on or not accept the project.

If my script needs further work, it says that’s not covered by the Professional Services fee. So what happens?

You’ll have two options, the first is simply not to engage the project with Comics Experience. The second, is to work on an hourly basis with your editor to make the needed adjustments to the script. We don’t do this to make more money off of you, in fact we perform this service basically at cost just to help you get to the point where the script is good to go. Due to the wide range of amounts of time this process can take us, we do have to charge separately for that service and we do so the same way that we do Mentoring, but at a different rate. By the point we get here, we’ll already be talking to one another, and we can hopefully work it out with a minimum spend on your part and a minimum amount of time on our part. Our goal is to get your project up and moving as quickly as possible.

Will I be able to get working files of the art and lettering?

You will receive high res final files at the conclusion of the process. Along the way, for review purposes only, you may see earlier versions of artwork in low resolutions, but it is against industry norms to provide a client with high resolution Photoshop or Illustrator files because they can manipulate our creator’s artwork easily. That said, our final files are ready to print!

Will I be given the fonts used in lettering my project?

For legal reasons, we cannot deliver fonts and other proprietary information or assets.

Will I have direct contact with the freelancers?

Not during the project, no. It can hinder our editorial efforts to have the client interacting directly with the freelancers. If there’s ever a disagreement or even just a back channel that we don’t know about, then our authority with the freelancers is undercut and we can’t do the job properly that you’ve hired us to do. During the project, you are definitely in the loop, but no one wants two bosses.

Will I be able to contact the freelancers when the project is completed?

Yes, generally speaking, as long as the freelancers are comfortable with us handing out their contact information, then we will do so. We don’t want to hinder your ability to talk with someone, but we do want to make sure we’re able to do our jobs properly for the duration of the project.

Can I hire any of the creative team for my next project?

Yes. The freelancers are exactly that—freelancers. They can work with whomever they like and you can work with whomever you like.

Will Comics Experience just find creators and let me work with them directly?

No, Comics Experience will not find creators and make introductions, even for a fee. We do not want to be responsible for putting two parties together who ultimately have a falling out. We prize our freelancer partners and our clients both too highly for that.

What do I do with my print files when I have them?

That’s up to you! You can put your comic on the internet if you like, you can keep it for yourself, or you can print it! You can also submit it to the Comics Experience Publishing Program. If you decide to print it on your own, we recommend using ONS Printing, our sister company for off-set printing services.


©Steven Urena

Positive Negative page 2

Past The Last Mountain

©Written by Paul Allor, art by Louie Joyce

Dust Devils

©Jesse Meehl

Dust Devils page 4


©Erik Hombre Gudowski

Taylen preview page 4

Sober Starchild

©Paul Payabyab-Cruz

Sober Starchild page 1


©Anne Randulic

Indigo - page 3

Paul Payabyab-Cruz

Sober Starchild©

“The Creative Services at Comics Experience was both a great way to bring my comic to life and a learning experience that has empowered me. Andy Schmidt and Michelle Kasten's open communication throughout the entire process taught me how to navigate a professional environment, while giving insight into the type of creatives I would work well with in the future. This was important because my comic they worked on, "Sober Starchild," was the first one I had ever made. Previous to working with them, I only had a script (created in Andy's Introduction to Comic Book Writing class) and no idea where to find artists to work with. Thankfully, the Creative Services network is vast and meticulously curated, so they knew exactly the direction to point me in. I could not be happier with the creative team they put together and how my comic turned out. I now feel more confident in finishing future projects and am inspired to keep writing. Thank you, Andy and Michelle! You both are Rock Stars and I'm looking forward to working with you again in the future. ”

Steve Urena


“Working with Comics Experience to produce my comic was an absolute dream come true. I was nervous at first, but it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Through the program, they paired me with artists, colorists, inkers, and letterers. The finished product was beyond my wildest imagination and they made my writing come to life. If you are someone looking to get your comic book created, I highly recommend using Comics Experience's Creative Services to bring your project to completion. The staff are efficient, helpful, completely professional, and gave the right notes to make my project even better than what I had in my head. I will definitely be using this again in the future and look forward to my next project with Comics Experience.”

Anne Randulic


“I LOVE me some Comics Experience! If you're looking to grow as a creative, Comics Experience is the place! 

For me, it was writing. Andy was fantastic at teaching me the proper format, how to effectively use dialogue, and everything else you need to know to write a professional comic. He and Michelle were fantastic at finding a professional art team and walking me through the process from start to finish. I couldn't be more proud of the outcome! I'm very thankful for the knowledge and experience I gained through the process. Would DEFINITELY recommend!”

Tom Breyfogle

How I Became a Shoplifter©

 “It was a cool experience watching Andy give notes at the layout stage. The artist sketched out everything in detail that was in the script, but Andy was able to communicate what the most important parts of each panel should be. After his notes, the second round of layouts had much more energy and were much more focused. This led to having stronger pages all around.”

Daniel Sherrier

I Must Conquer©

“This was the first time a comic book script of mine ‘came to life’ with full art and lettering, and having Andy's guidance throughout the process was invaluable. I have no doubt the final product is better for it. It was a very educational and enlightening experience.”