One-On-One Screenplay Consultation

Comics Experience’s one-on-one screenplay consultation is here to provide you with professional feedback during all stages of the creative process. Whether you have an idea for a screenplay, but not sure how to get started; or an incomplete screenplay and need feedback before you continue; or have an early screenplay draft that needs quality feedback, our one-on-one screenplay consultation is designed to advise you through the process.

Each hour-long, conference phone call session is geared to guide you through the process of writing your screenplay. Our consultant will discuss with you how to bring your characters to life, how to effectively start your story, and identify any structural or plot issues with your script or idea. Our objective is simple: we want you to have a professional and polished completed screenplay that is ready to produce!

Look at the tabs below and determine if our one-on-one screenplay consultation is right for you.

Email to inquire about availability.

  • Each consultation call lasts for one hour.
  • There is a minimum purchase of three, one-hour calls at a time.
  • The calls do NOT expire and are scheduled, as you need them, at your pace.
  • The time of your consultant is valuable, and he or she will work with you to help plan how to maximize the use of their time–and your budget. We make our best effort to keep your budget as low as possible.
  • See the FAQ about pre-reads and notes.

If you’re ready to sign up or have further questions, contact, and we will begin the process–taking payment via PayPal and scheduling your first one-on-one call!

To work with a consultant, we are currently offering a $100 discount off the usual $400 for a block of THREE separate, one-hour-long sessions. They are scheduled one at a time and at your pace. So, just $300 a block of three, one-hour consultations for a limited time!

To begin your mentorship, email

What’s the best part of the Screen Experience one-on-one screenplay consultation?

It’s the individualized attention. We’re qualified to consult on all aspects of screenplay creation–story, characterization, plot development, effective dialogue, etc. We also offer career guidance and planning–strategizing how to maximize your creative impact so that you can achieve your goals. If it’s in the screenwriting realm–and you’re at the point where you need individualized attention–this is the place for you!

Do I have to use all three hours at once?

No, of course not. You have three, one-hour sessions to be scheduled at your pace. They do not expire–ever. We work with you on an individualized plan and schedule.

How does payment work?

Send us an email at and we’ll discuss if this is right for you. Once we’re all set and the consultant is confirmed as being able to take on a new client, we send you a PayPal money request for a three-hour block of mentoring. Simply pay that, and then we schedule your first appointment!

What if I can only afford three hours?

That’s okay. We maximize what you’ve got to work with. If you can only do three sessions, then we’ll hit the most important topics with you. Our goal is NOT to keep you coming back forever–it IS to get you up and running with confidence so you won’t feel the need to keep renewing.

Does the consultant reviewing the script come out of the three hours?

The time taken to do that does come out of the three hours allotted. We will talk with you to make sure how to best use of the time at that point, and we can tailor the level of feedback to maximize what you need out of it. For example, if you just want to know if the first act of your screenplay effectively sets up the rest of the story, then a session will focus on that aspect. If you want to focus on character motivations and dialogue, we can do that as well. Or, if you really need someone to look over a draft of your screenplay to make sure it’s ready to produce, we can do a deep dive that takes longer, but should catch just about everything. It all depends on the needs of the individual client.

What does it mean if Comics Experience can’t accept me right now?

It means one of two things–we’re either simply too booked up to take on a new client at all, or it means that we don’t feel that we’re the right fit for what you need. We have turned people away on occasion because what they want or need isn’t something you get uniquely with us—in fact, we’ve often recommended a less expensive course of action if we know of one.

For further questions, email

It’s as easy as 1-2-3! Literally–

  1. Every one-on-one consultation session must be approved via an email or phone conversation.* Please email us at
  2. Once approved, Comics Experience will send you a PayPal invoice for the proper amount.
  3. Once the invoice is paid (can be done in minutes). Your first session is scheduled!

All you need is a telephone! A conference call number will be provided so you are not charged for the call within in the United States.

Please note that all scheduling and communication emails go through Andy Schmidt.

*(Usually, any issue that comes up is due to scheduling, but on occasion, we get calls from people who are looking for a service we don’t provide–so don’t worry, we’re not judging you–just making sure this is a good fit to mutual benefit.)