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#221 – Lettering Comics with Sean Rinehart

Comics Experience Make Comics Podcast
Comics Experience Make Comics Podcast
#221 - Lettering Comics with Sean Rinehart

Sean Rinehart joins Joey to talk about lettering comics, including what led him to comics, how to think about how to efficiently and clearly convey lettering information to your letterer, and setting them up for success to set the comic up for success.

#220 – Writing Endings and Collaborating on Horror (and Other Genres) with Rich Douek

Rich Douek (SEA OF SORROWS, ROAD OF BONES, SUPERMAN: RED AND BLUE) talks about writing endings in horror (and other genres) and working with collaborators. Rich talks about page turns, issue endings, and how he works with artists.

#219 – Perspective and Environments with Phillip Sevy

Phillip Sevy (Triage, The House, Tomb Raider & more!) joins Andy and Joey to talk about perspective and environments in art. Phillip shares his perspective going from artist to student to portfolio reviews to being a working artist and teacher.

#218 – What You Can Learn from Event Comics

Event comics! Worlds will change! Nothing will ever be the same! You will learn collaboration skills and working towards the best outcome for your story goals! Andy and Joey talk about the skills event comics can help hone, and talk about the upcoming Dan Jurgens The Death of Superman Master Seminar!

#217 – Writing Solicitations for Your Comic with Paul Allor

Paul Allor (Hollow Heart, G.I. Joe) talks about writing solicitations for your comic, including what stage of the process to write, thinking about solicitations for different issues, and the overall planning in working with a publisher and their marketing.

#216 – What Makes a Story

Andy and Joey talk story basics, what are the ingredients of a story, how we see/hear stories daily, and how to apply storytelling elements to making your comics. Plus an upcoming CE Masterclass reveal!

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