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#226 – From Pitch to First Issue with Phillip Kennedy Johnson

Comics Experience Make Comics Podcast
Comics Experience Make Comics Podcast
#226 - From Pitch to First Issue with Phillip Kennedy Johnson

Phillip Kennedy Johnson (Superman, Action Comics, Alien) talks about taking your comics ideas to pitches including his July 31st Comics Experience Master Seminar, how his script writing has evolved over his career, and how he got starting making comics.

#225 – Kickstarting Your Comic with Lewelin Polanco, Greg Tjsovold and Steve Urena

Kickstarting your comic with Lewelin Polanco (Astro & Inez: La Novela), Greg Tjosvold (The Lump Sum Saga), and Steve Urena (Zombie Date Night). Three different creators share what they’ve learned making their own comics, and why Kickstarter.

#224 – Writing Shared Universes with Fred Van Lente

Fred Van Lente (Marvel, Valiant, Archie) joins Andy and Joey to talk about writing for a shared universe. Fred shares his experiences writing for comics publishers including last-minute curveballs, being adaptable, working in a team and more!

#223 – CEX Publishing

Andy Schmidt talks about CEX Publishing, the new publishing imprint from Comics Experience. Andy discusses what led to adding publishing to the CE family, the creator-owned approach, getting comics to retailers and readers and more.

#222 – Financial Realities and Comics Success with Jim Gibbons

Jim Gibbons (Dark Horse Comics, Image Comics) talks with Joey about longevity, pay in comics, costs to make single and multiple issues, different revenue streams, how to think about “success” in making your comics, and more.

#221 – Lettering Comics with Sean Rinehart

Sean Rinehart joins Joey to talk about lettering comics, including what led him to comics, how to think about how to efficiently and clearly convey lettering information to your letterer, and setting them up for success to set the comic up for success.

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