Comic Art
Episode #53 – Why Haven’t I Broken In?

This week’s question comes from a listener who has self-published, done the convention circuit, and even received some great reviews of his book. But he still hasn’t “broken in.” Is he doing something wrong? Andy and Joey talk career development, breaking in, and next steps!

Episode #52 – Let Me Pitch This To You

You always hear that conventions are a great place to meet editors. But what if you don’t know any editors? And should you be pitching to an editor at a convention anyway? Andy heard a lot of convention pitches during his years at Marvel and IDW, and here’s his thoughts on what to do…and what NOT to do!

Episode #51 – By Any Means Necessary

If your goal is to work in comics “by any means necessary,” what are your options? Do internships really work for getting your foot in the door? What about after that? And what about the difference between Assistant and Associate Editors? What’s the scoop?

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