Comic Art
Episode #72 – Ideas and the Inner Critic

Coming up with and working through ideas with your inner critic: Andy and Joey talk about working through ideas, even the “bad” ones.

Episode #71 – Inspiration: Writer’s Edition

Writers who have taken Comics Experience classes and joined the Creator’s Workshop talk about what comics inspired them to make their own comics, including Paul Allor, Amy Chu, Rich Douek, Kenny Porter, Bryan Richmond, and Joe Sergi.

Episode #70 – Digital Art Portfolio

Andy and Joey discuss the different ways to showcase an art portfolio online including Tumblr, DeviantArt, personal sites, and e-mail; and best practices for sharing art online.

Episode #69 – Convention Creepiness

Andy and Joey talk about interacting with and getting to know professionals in a convention setting.

Episode #68 – Webcomics for Exposure?

Andy and Joey discuss creating webcomics for exposure and as a way to break into comics, and discuss the webcomic The Deal.

Episode #67 – Writing for the Trade?

Comic book stories are read in individual issues and in trades or collections. Andy and Joey talk about pacing stories as single issues and how to approach writing for the trade.

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