Comic Art
#179 – Carlos Giffoni on Pitching, Patience, and Persistence

Carlos Giffoni (Strayed, Space Riders) joins Jim and Joey to talk about his background getting into comics, and how he got started writing. Carlos also shares his experience drafting his pitches, approaching and working with editors.

#178 – Convention Tips

Paul Allor talks about what’s in his convention-floor bag including how he shows work to editors and collaborators; Heather Antos talks about planning on getting your con setup and merch and yourself to a con in the U.S. and abroad; and Andy Schmidt talks about panel planning, submissions, and hosting!

#177 – Screenwriting 101 with James Janowsky

Heather and Joey are joined by CE screenwriting instructor James Janowsky to talk about the course, James’s background in filmmaking and teaching, as well as how comics and screenwriting overlap in skills and collaboration.

#176 – Comics Coloring and Color Theory with Chris Sotomayor

Comics coloring with colorist and CE Instructor Chris Sotomayor. Soto joins Heather and Joey to talk about color theory, how to interpret notes from creative partners, and more!

#175 – Creating One-Shots with Paul Allor

Paul Allor (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Power Rangers, GI Joe, TET) joins the podcast to talk about creating one-shots. Storytelling approach, telling three acts in 20-22 pages, and thinking about arcs in that amount of space.

#174 – Workshopping a comics miniseries with Frank Gogol

CE Alum Frank Gogol (GRIEF, DEAD END KIDS) talks with Jim and Joey about his comics experiences in starting to make his own, including his upcoming mini series DEAD END KIDS coming out through the CE publishing deal.

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