Episode 252: Comics Connection 2022 End of the Year Wrap Up

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Episode 252: Comics Connection 2022 End of the Year Wrap Up

In the last episode of 2022, Andy and Gamal discuss the rise and fall of companies like Mad Cave and AfterShock, the increased competition in comics distribution, the spike in library censorship, and the continuing impact of AI on comics. They also have a special moment of silence at the end of the episode for all the great comic creators we lost.

Episode 251: How Does Artificial Intelligence Impact the Comic Book Industry?

In our first Comics Connection Podcast, Andy and Gamal discuss the moral, legal, and financial implications of emerging AI technology and what comic creators need to consider to navigate their careers in this evolving world. If you’d like to join Comics Connection, visit us at https://comicsconnection.net/

250 Comics and Contracts with Gamal Hennessy

Gamal Hennessy of Creative Contract Consulting joins Andy and Joey to talk about making comics and contracts. Gamal talks about his legal career including his time at Marvel Comics, things to keep in mind as a creator with contracts including rights, royalties, and revenue. 

249 NYCC, Common Pitfalls For Creators at ConsĀ 

Andy and Joey talk about NYCC, how to approach editors at cons, how to sell and track your inventory at conventions, and more.

248 When Good Ideas Aren’t That Well Executed

Andy and Joey talk about when ideas aren’t that well executed, including how and why can a “good idea” go “wrong,” and some ways to try and execute ideas well. 

247 Indie Comics Sales

Andy talks about Lunar Distributor’s retailer summit, his recent trips to C2E2 and SDCC, and what he’s seen and heard around sales for indie comics and smaller publishers.