Comics Experience Community Members Appearing in Grayhaven’s “Kaiju” Anthology!

Alum and Creators Workshop member Bret Bernal, and Workshop member Todd Matthy, are both featured in the 80-page “Kaiju” anthology from GrayHaven Comics!

THREE CE Alums Featured in Outré #4 – Now Free Online!

Comics Experience Creators Workshop member Glenn Møane has released the fourth volume of the free online comics anthology Outré. In the latest installment, three of the four stories are authored by writers with ties to Comics Experience’s courses and Creators Workshop! Outré was founded by Glenn Møane and publishing partner Magnus Aspli in order to […]

FOUR CE Community Members’ Work in “Out of the Blue: A Collection of Strange Stories”

Comics Experience alums and Creators Workshop members make comics! Four members of our community are among the comic creators featured in Out of the Blue: A Collection of Strange Stories. The collection, released by Stache Publishing on December 1, is now available in both print and digital editions. Out of the Blue is an anthology […]

FIVE CE Community Members’ Work to Appear in Indie Comics Quarterly!

Five members of the Comics Experience community will have their work published in Indie Comics Quarterly! Indie Comics Quarterly is an anthology series dedicated to showcasing the work of independent comics creators from around the world. In addition to publishing innovative work from a range of up-and-coming writers and artists, each volume features one first […]

CE Community Member Marta Tanrikulu’s Stories To Appear in GrayHaven Comics’ “The Gathering”!

Comics Experience Community Member Marta Tanrikulu has written two stories appearing in upcoming issues of GrayHaven Comics’ The Gathering anthology, available to order now! The Gathering: Survival includes the short story “Castaways,” written by Marta and featuring art by Daniel Pereira Dos Santos. The Gathering: All Women 3 – “And Nothing Less” includes Marta’s “Dancing […]

CE Community Member Projects: A Crowdfunded Indie, A WWI Anthology Piece, and A Free Online Short!

Comics Experience Community Members are making comics! In Comics Experience courses and the Creators Workshop, our members don’t just discuss the comics industry – they’re also active participants! Here are just a few of the many projects that our community members are putting out right now. Jackson Compton, Illustrated Girl Creators Workshop member Jackson Compton […]