Past the Last Mountain Honored with Ledger Award Nomination!

Cover of Past the Last Mountain #1We’re very proud to announce that the Comics Experience mini-series Past the Last Mountain by Paul Allor, Louie Joyce, and Gannon Beck has been nominated for the 2017 Ledger Award! Named after Australian cartoonist Peter Ledger, the award honors “excellence in Australian comics and publishing.” (Artist Louie Joyce hails from the Land Down Under.)

Past the Last Mountain is the story of a dragon, faun, and young troll who must band together to escape the injustices of a world that has decided they do not belong. Louie’s keen cartooning, combined with Gannon’s top-notch layouts, capture the personalities of the strong and maternal dragon Willa, the fierce faun Kate, and the lovable troll boy Simon. Paul’s fast-paced story is set in a rich, fully realized world.

Congratulations to Paul, Louie, and Gannon! We’ll be watching for the results, which will be announced on Friday, June 16.

Critical acclaim for Past the Last Mountain:

Past the Last Mountain is more than a fantasy comic: it is an exciting, heartfelt action story that uses interactions between fairy-tale characters and government officials to create an effective social commentary.” — Comic Bastards

“A story that, in other hands, could have been trite or unoriginal provides valuable commentary on the complex ways in which war, racism, and xenophobia ruin lives.” — Women Write About Comics

I was blown away by the very topical story that incorporated fantasy in a way that made the make believe feel relevant, offering up exciting and insightful commentary into the world we live in.” — The Beat

Past the Last Mountain is available at comiXology.

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Posted by Jennifer de Guzman