CE Alum Rob Anderson’s “Creature Cops” On Amazon’s “Best Books” List!

Creature-Cops-TPBCE alum Rob Anderson’s Creature Cops: Special Varmint Unit has been named one of Amazon’s “Best Books of the Month” in the Comics & Graphic Novels category for July 2015!

Each month, the Amazon staff selects a hand-picked list of books in various categories for their Best Books pages. Rob and the CE community are honored to see Creature Cops on the list!

Creature Cops: Special Varmint Unit is available as a trade paperback from Amazon, and in comic shops everywhere. The trade collects all three issues of the limited series, which was released in monthly format earlier in 2015. It also contains three bonus stories from the original “Preview” issue of the series.

The story follows a ragtag group of investigators, tasked with cases that involve gene-spliced animals with both real-life and mythical features. Their adventures combine fantasy with character-driven police procedural elements, and the series has enjoyed positive media attention from outlets including CBR, Newsarama, and others. It also earned a “Certified Cool” designation from Diamond Previews!

Creature Cops is published by IDW, in alliance with Comics Experience. Along with Rob, the creative team includes penciler Fernando Melek, inker Novo Malgapo, colorist Juan Romera, and letterer/CE Creators Workshop member E.T. Dollman.

The series editors include CE founder Andy Schmidt, and CE alums Paul Allor and Bobby Curnow. The collection cover art was created by Leandro Panganiban, Steve Bird, and Coleen Allen.

Congratulations to the creative team!

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Posted by Nicole Boose

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