New comic book mini-series from Comics Experience and Source Point Press to debut at C2E2

Comics Experience and Source Point Press are excited to announce the upcoming release of The Family Graves, a new comic that Phil Hester calls “a satisfying combination of The Incredibles and classic Universal monster films.” In this four-issue mini-series, Tim Bach, Brian Atkins, Dijjo Lima, and Marco Della Verde blend science fiction, family drama, heart racing-adventure, and monsters!

Phil Graves is an alchemical engineer who has recently turned into an unpredictably shifting werewolf. He and his dysfunctional, mismatched family of monsters must race across dimensions to collect a set of magical mirrors in order to stop a chronal vampire from devouring the space-time continuum and destroying reality. But can the family hold together even as reality falls apart?

“At its heart, The Family Graves is a family drama—primarily about fathers and sons—dressed up in the teeth and claws of a monster adventure story,” said writer Tim Bach. “There’s yelling and hugging, tears and laughs, but also monsters and grand adventure. The Family Graves is a book for anyone who loves monsters, sci-fi/fantasy, family drama, and unabashedly fun comics.”

Bach and the letterer Marco Della Verde spoke more about the creative process behind The Family Graves and how their membership in Comics Experience’s Creators Workshop helped develop their concept in an interview on the CE website.

All four issues of The Family Graves will debut at the Source Point Press booth at Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo, known as C2E2, taking place on April 6 through 8. It will then be available through retailers who carry Source Point Press publications, at Source Point’s convention appearances and their online store, as well as digitally on comiXology.

The publishing partnership between Comics Experience and Source Point Press gives alumni from Comics Experience’s Creators Workshop, education courses, and mentorships the opportunity to have their comics published and distributed. The publishing program was announced in January 2018 and four titles will be released in April: the miniseries Achilles Inc. and The Family Graves, and the trade paperbacks Grief and Wretched Things.

Praise for The Family Graves

“How you made me like a family as crazed as this is a mystery to me — but I love them!”
-Mark Waid (Avengers, Captain America)

“One of those ideas you will beat yourself up for not coming up with yourself, told with humor and heart without falling into cliche. The Family Graves is a satisfying combination of The Incredibles and classic Universal monster films.”
-Phil Hester (Mythic, Mother Panic)

“A sci-fi twist of Munsters style proportions with a Fantastic Four vibe! The Family Graves made me feel like having an adventure with a little monster of my own! AW YEAH!
-Art Baltazar (Tiny Titans, Itty Bitty Hellboy)

“Chock-full of weird science and even weirder monsters, The Family Graves deftly balances horror, heroics, humor, and heart. If you’ve currently got a vacant spot in your read pile for a fantastic family of adventurers, this series is a perfect fit. Trust me, this is one clan you’ll be dying to join!”
-Marc Sumerak (The Art of Harry Potter, Guardians of the Galaxy: Rocket’s Guide)

Click through for a preview of The Family Graves #1!


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