Andy Schmidt Discusses “The New Comics Career”

Andy SchmidtOn our Comics Experience Creators Workshop online forum, discussion buzzes about “The New Comics Career,” and what that term means in the landscape of today’s comics industry.

This topic was prompted by our latest Live Workshop session. In this live online event, held January 31, Andy Schmidt led a lively talk about how crowdfunding and self-publishing have altered the way many comics creators have approached their careers.

Inspired by that session, Andy launched a related discussion thread on our online forum, so that members of the Creators Workshop community could continue to exchange ideas about this timely and important topic.

According to Andy, a combination of factors has led to major shifts in how comics are produced and supported in recent years.  The changes he cites:

  1. Creators need publishers less than they used to
  2. Creators have better access to collaborators
  3. Due to digital, creating your own comic is much easier than it used to be, and that includes printing
  4. Falling costs of printing and distribution
  5. Rise of crowdfunding and convention sales by creators

How do these changes affect the comics community? Join us in the conversation! What are *your* thoughts on creating comics in this era of self-publishing and digital distribution?

So far, participants have weighed in with their own ideas, experiences, and advice on building a career in the current industry. If you’re a Creators Workshop member, you can access this discussion by logging in here.

This is just one of dozens of topics that the Creators Workshop explores every day on our member forums. Discussions are in-depth, respectful, and include people from a variety of backgrounds and experience levels.

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Posted by Nicole Boose

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