Alum Rick Bonn’s Story Featured in Indie Comics #1-3!

indie-comics-3Comics Experience alum Rick Bonn has a three-part story — Rohrr!appearing in Indie Comics #1-3, published by Aazurn Publishing! Joining Rick on the creative team is artist Christopher Herndon (Terra Tempo). The first two installments are available now, with the third scheduled for release on December 28, 2016.

Rohrr! tells the tale of a spiritual Neanderthal trying to meet his basic needs in a primitive world. Each installment of Rohrr! is 8 pages, and Rick assures us it includes LOTS OF DINOS. To learn more about Rick’s feature, as well as other stories featured in Indie Comics #1-3, visit the publisher’s site here!

Catch up on issues 1 and 2 at your local or online retailer, and preorder the third issue before its December release. The first two issues are available for backorder using Diamond codes JUN160995 (issue #1) or AUG 161046 (issue #2). Issue 3 is available for preorder now, using Diamond code OCT161040.

Rohrr! is Rick’s second story to be published with Aazurn. The first, Farm Noir, started off as his very first assignment in the Comics Experience Introduction to Comic Book Writing course! Rick wrote about the experience of developing that story in class, then having it published, in a guest post here.

Aazurn Publishing is home to Strange Horror as well as Indie Comics. More offerings are available on their site, including work from several other Comics Experience community members, past and present!

Congrats to Rick and Christopher!
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Posted by Nicole Boose