#237 – Figure Drawing

Comics Connection Make Comics Podcast
Comics Connection Make Comics Podcast
#237 - Figure Drawing

One of the fundamentals of comic art is figure drawing. Andy and Joey talk about how figure drawing is a basic part of comics storytelling, and how learning the fundamentals meld with individual styles from cartoony to realistic.

#207 – Comic Project Kill Fees and Changing Plans with Gamal Hennessy

Gamal Hennessy joins Joey to answer a listener question about project kill fees including suggestions on how to structure delivery and payments for scripts and art, and talks about his book The Business of Independent Comics Book Publishing currently on Kickstarter and what readers can expect from the book and how his own launch plans had to […]

#205 – Path to Publication with Milton Lawson

Milton Lawson joins Joey to talk about publishing his first comic Thompson Heller: Detective Interstellar, and his path to publication. Milton talks about how his comic changed over time with feedback and conversations about story and character.

#203 – Digital Marketing and the Business of Indie Comics Publishing with Gamal Hennessy

Gamal Hennessy talks with Joey about digital marketing for your comic, including planning and goals and his upcoming free webinar, as well as the tools GlobalComix offers creators for publishing and monetizing their comics, and talks about his upcoming book The Business of Independent Comic Book Publishing and how creators need to tailor their business and marketing strategies to the […]

#202 – Ways to Check on Our Peers and Keep Everyone Safe

Heather Antos (Valiant, Image, Marvel) talks with Joey about abusive and inappropriate behavior in comics. Heather shares suggestions on how to check on our creative peers and keep everyone safe, signals to look for, things you can ask in person and over text, and other actionable ways to check on people.

Remembering Denny O’Neil

Andy talks about his experiences with writer and editor Denny O’Neil, and the impact Denny had on his career in comics and personal life. Andy talks about meeting Denny as a student, Denny’s advice on working , and the best advice he ever got about working in comics.