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Episode #87 – Similar Ideas

You’re developing a pitch or idea or even starting to produce your comic… and you open Previews and see a similar idea. Andy and Joey talk about what happens when you see a similar concept.

Dark Horse editor Jim Gibbons offers “breaking in” advice

Dark Horse associate editor Jim Gibbons joined the Comics Experience Creators Workshop recently to discuss his career, Dark Horse Comics, and the art of editing comic books, including Black Beetle and the award-winning anthology Dark Horse Presents. During the session, Jim was also asked about the best way to break in to the comics industry….

CE Alum Paul Allor launches “Strange Nation” via Monkeybrain Comics

CE alum and staff member Paul Allor and artist Juan Romera have launched their new creator-owned series, Strange Nation, from Monkeybrain Comics. Issue #1 released on October 16, 2013 and is available for purchase on comiXology. You can also subscribe to future issues, and won’t be charged until each new issue is released. Strange Nation…