CE Alums’ “Guitar Phantasy” Now Available on ComiXology!

The rock-and-roll fairy tale comic Guitar Phantasy, created by a team of CE alums, workshop members and friends, is now available from ComiXology Submit!

01 - LETTERING TEMPLATE CS5 2012 cmykGuitar Phantasy is written by CE alum Tim Bach (Gargoyle by Moonlight), with art by alum Carl Peterson (MAD Magazine), color by CE alum Robt Snyder, and lettering by Creators Workshop member E.T. Dollman. Silvio dB is the cover artist.

This project’s history with CE dates back to 2011, when Tim workshopped an early draft of the script on the Creators Workshop forum. Tim described it at the time as

“a short story that comes out of my love of music, specifically, rock guitar, but really all music. I believe music of all kinds is a powerful, enriching force in our lives, and I was compelled to weave that feeling into a story.”

After partnering with the rest of the creative team, Tim released the finished comic in 2013 through his own publishing imprint, Moonrise Comics. We featured the original launch in this blog post!

Described as a “mash-up of Scott Pilgrim and Tolkien, by way of Zeppelin,” Guitar Phantasy pays tribute to music’s ability to transform.

“Guided by the odd little shopkeeper of a second-hand music store, Kev discovers an incredible guitar and uncovers the power of music and the untapped force inside of himself. But when the devourer of all things, a wicked-looking, music-hating demon appears, can Kev play fast enough, hard enough to defeat the demon?”

Since its initial release, Guitar Phantasy has been available in print through Indy Planet, and digitally through Drive-Thru Comics.

Now, we’re excited that Guitar Phantasy can reach an even wider audience, and gain increased recognition and support, through ComiXology Submit!

Visit the Guitar Phantasy page on the ComiXology site here for more information, or to order.

Please join us in congratulating Tim, Carl, Robt, E.T., and Silvio!

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Posted by Nicole Boose