CE Alum Jeff Marsick Wins Darby Pop Script Contest!

Indestructible StingrayJeff Marsick is a CE alum and Creators Workshop member whose comic script was chosen from among 170 submissions as the winning entry in a writing contest from Darby Pop Publishing!

Darby Pop is an imprint of IDW Publishing, and the contest – announced in Fall 2014 – called upon writers to submit a full script focusing on the character Stingray from the publisher’s flagship title, Indestructible.

With only a month between the announcement and the deadline, the contest runners received 170 submissions. Among the “many quality scripts” received, Jeff’s was selected for its professional quality, strength of dialogue, and a surprising plot choice that series creator Jeff Kline didn’t see coming – but that he says fit “remarkably well within [the Indestructible] universe.”

For submitting the winning script, Jeff receives a monetary prize and will have his script published as a one-shot issue titled Indestructible: Stingray, available in May 2015. The issue will feature cover art by Jeff Langevin (shown).

Jeff Marsick (@jmarsick on Twitter) is the host of multiple podcasts, and writes about comics for Newsarama’s Best Shots feature. He’s also a member of the Comics Experience Creators Workshop and an alum of the CE Introduction to Comic Book Writing course.

Jeff explains, “Emboldened as I was from Andy Schmidt‘s tutelage in that Intro class, I set out to start writing my own self-published comics: Z-Girl and the 4 Tigers  and Dead Man’s Party. And now, come May, I’ll be ‘legit’ with a real live published-by-the-industry and paid-for-the-effort comic book.”

Indestructible: Stingray will soon be available for pre-order, and will be on sale at comic retailers and online in May!

Congratulations to Jeff on his winning script!

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Posted by Nicole Boose