FIVE CE Community Members’ Work to Appear in Indie Comics Quarterly!

Five members of the Comics Experience community will have their work published in Indie Comics Quarterly! Indie Comics Quarterly is an anthology series dedicated to showcasing the work of independent comics creators from around the world. In addition to publishing innovative work from a range of up-and-coming writers and artists, each volume features one first […]

CE Publishing’s “Creature Cops: Special Varmint Unit” Now Featured in Diamond Previews!

The first series to be released under Comics Experience’s publishing alliance with IDW is now in Diamond PREVIEWS! Creature Cops: Special Varmint Unit receives a full page in the November PREVIEWS catalog, along with a letter from Andy Schmidt, and cover art from the three other titles coming soon from our publishing initiative. Creature Cops: […]

Rob Anderson”s “Femme Fatale” published by Challenger Comics!

For Comics Experience community members, Rob Anderson needs no introduction. He’s been a strong and influential voice in the CE community and served in many roles: General Manager, co-instructor of our popular Making Comics course, Creators Workshop member, and alum of the Intro to Writing, Advanced Writing, and Comic Book Editing & Project Management courses. […]

Rex, Zombie Killer #1, produced by 5 CE alums, hits comic shops October 30th

Rex, Zombie Killer #1, produced by FIVE Comics Experience alums and Creators Workshop members hits comic shops today, October 30th! The 4-issue mini-series from Big Dog Ink is co-created by writer and CE staff member/alum Rob Anderson, and artist/CE alum DaFu Yu, with interior colors by Juan Romera, cover colors by CE alum Kevin Volo, […]

New miniseries “Rex, Zombie Killer” created by FIVE CE alums!

The animals versus zombies tale, Rex, Zombie Killer, returns in a new 4-issue miniseries from Big Dog Ink, and FIVE Comics Experience alums and Creators Workshop members are involved! The #1 issue is available for pre-order in this month’s August Diamond Previews catalog, and will ship to stores in October. Rex, Zombie Killer is written […]

CE Alum Rob Anderson to write MLP: Spike Micro-Series for IDW — SDCC Announcement

As announced last week during SDCC 2013, Rob Anderson will be writing the My Little Pony Micro-Series featuring Spike, the baby dragon! Each issue of the Micro-Series spotlights another character in the MLP universe. Rob is a Comics Experience alum, Creators Workshop member, and the General Manager of Andy Schmidt’s Comics Experience. The Spike Micro-Series […]