Comics Experience Community Members Appearing in Grayhaven’s “Kaiju” Anthology!

KaijuJPG-72Giant monsters always bring giant dangers – and giant fun! Nobody knows this more than some of our community members, who contributed to Grayhaven’s Kaiju, released in October. Alum and Creators Workshop member Bret Bernal, and Workshop member Todd Matthy, are both featured in this 80-page anthology, edited by Erica Heflin and James O’Callaghan and sporting an appropriately terrifying cover by Leonardo Gonzalez.

Bret’s “Friendly Fire” and Todd’s “Cora” both delve into the calamity and chaos of what happens when monsters unleash mayhem on the masses. Other contributors include Nick Aires, George Amaru, David Brame, James Christopher, Damian Duncan, Giannes, Lee Gooden, Fabricio Guerra, Luke Halsall, Calvin John, Matt Krotzer, Robert Menegus, Colin O’Mahoney, Steven Paquin, Graeme Partridge-David, Danos Philopoulos, Anthony Richichi, Rudimar, Simone Salaza, Kell Smith, Rhyan Sollace (former Creators Workshop member), and Weston Design Studio.

Todd comments on the experience of crafting his piece: “I found it to be a good experience at getting straight to the point of your story. My story ‘Cora’ is a retelling of the Pied Piper with kaiju monsters and I found when writing it I had developed an interesting world. I couldn’t describe that world in 4 pages so I let the art showcase what society is like with a bunch of kaiju running around and where people would find sanctuary.

“It shows how powerful comics can be and how much can be conveyed by putting things in the background of panels. My story has some things you’ll notice upon re-readings.”

What can fans of supersized creepy crawlies expect from Bret and artist/letterer Danos Philopoulos?

“‘Friendly Fire’ was one of two ideas I pitched to GrayHaven when they had an open submissions call,” says Bret.

“The story came from an image I had of a dragon being experimented on in an awful way. Then it unfolded from there. Who would mutilate a dragon for their own cause? Why mess with such an amazing discovery? Just because you can create something the world has never seen, should you?”

Bret also explained how the Creators Workshop played a part in nurturing his creative growth.

“The constant stream of new information that floods into the Workshop boards has been super helpful. Just hearing other people’s ideas, critiques and creative process continues to teach me a lot,” he says.

“Even hearing other members’ struggles reminds you that you’re not alone. The Ask the Pros forum is worth the price of admission. Having instant access to working pros is a dream come true.”

The Comics Experience Creators Workshop offers up opportunities for aspirant and novice comic book professionals with a supportive community of peers and established creators dedicated to assisting one another with advice, skill building, and opportunities. Learn all about what we provide aspiring writers, artists, editors, letterers, and more! You could be the next to see your name right here on the blog!

Kaiju may be ordered online via the Grayhaven website.

Comics Experience and Creators Workshop congratulate Bret and Todd for their success!

If you want to make comics, write, draw, letter, and color comics, or improve as a comics creator, you’ll find like-minded friends and colleagues in our online workshops and courses. We hope to see you there!

Posted by Meredith Nudo

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